First Tomato of the Season

First tomato of the season

Looks like summer came early to the garden… Here we are in the middle of April, and I just spotted my first green tomato on the vine!

I actually spotted five green tomatoes, and since they’re all setting on determinate vines, I’m guessing they’re Principe Borghese grape tomatoes. I started this tomato from seed over the winter, and the name has long faded from its plant marker. It will be like a little surprise unfolding as the tomatoes start to ripen over the next couple weeks!

My other “winter” tomatoes are covered in yellow blossoms as well… beautiful little signs of good things to come.

Yellow blossoms

Yellow blossoms

I’m just counting down the days to my first ripe tomato… soon!

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April 17 2012      4 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

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  • Erniescheer

    Gee, I was pleased to see my little seedlings just popping up in Buffalo, NY.  Wish I lived where you live.

    • Linda Ly

      Mild winters are nice, but it also means too-warm weather will stunt my winter crops like it did this past winter. I’m happy to move on to summer!

  • ManureTea Since 1924

    Wahoo what a wonderful site to see Naturally Congratulations look at the bounty you are about to harvest <|;-) 

  • Betty Fitzgerald

    I am so jealous! I just re potted up tiny Principe Borghese starts.  It will be a few weeks before I get those babies in the ground here in the Pacific Northwest.  Lovely photos!