HGTV Thinks I’m a Garden Expert! (And Even Put Me in Their Magazine!)

Garden Betty in HGTV magazine

Well whaddya know, I’m an expert at something! (Granted, I don’t always feel like an expert after slugs have decimated my seedlings or fresh manure has burned my plants. But I do know my way around a hori hori knife and never let a good beer go to waste.)

I’m so thrilled to be featured in HGTV magazine’s September 2012 issue, which is on newsstands now! I’m one of three garden experts revealing my favorite fall essentials, including said hori hori knife, plus my go-to garden gear, fertilizer, seeds and plants.

We worked on this story back in spring and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My fiancé Will photographed me for the piece and I’m styled in my favorite garden shoes, my Bogs Rose clogs.

The September issue is very timely because it also marks the second anniversary of Garden Betty. I started my blog in September 2010, which started an entirely new adventure in homesteading. Last year, on my one-year anniversary, Garden Betty was awarded the “Best Gardening Blog” honor by Country Living, so this year’s shout-out by HGTV has me walking on clouds.

None of this would be possible without my blog, and my blog would not be possible without my readers, so I want to give all of you my own shout-out and thanks for supporting my little site — last year, this year, and hopefully years to come!

Garden Betty in HGTV magazine

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August 16 2012      8 comments     Linda Ly
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  • janet robertson

    janet robertson

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  • Melissa

    Thats great!  Beer on compost eh?  We have a botched home brew experiment, even the snails are avoiding the beer traps.  I think I’ll feed a bottle every few days to the compost instead.  Great idea!

    • Linda Ly

      LOL I am just picturing a bunch of boozy snails turning their noses up at botched beer!

  • janet


    • Linda Ly

      Thank you!

  • Dallasgardenbuzz

    I think you are an expert and enjoy the sharings of your garden.

    • Linda Ly

      Thanks, appreciate it!