Signs of Spring

I know it’s not spring yet, but in my neck of the woods (which I affectionately call “the land of 72 and sunny”) it already feels like spring, and it even looks like spring too. I guess that prognosticatin’ groundhog was right after all — spring is near, and this is what I’m seeing around here…

The first apple blossoms on my apple tree are starting to bud.

Apple blossoms

My avocado tree is bursting with more avocados than I can eat! (Especially when my hubby hates avocados… I know, what kind of Californian is he?!)


The next generation of seeds has been started. (I can taste all those summer tomatoes already!)

New seeds

The worm compost that I’ve been working on all winter is finally ready for the garden.

Worm compost

All of my chickens have finished their molts and are laying eggs again! (My favorite mornings are when I open the coop to find three fresh eggs waiting for me!)

Fresh eggs

The days are getting longer… and I can never get enough of seeing a sunset like this every day.


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February 19 2013      13 comments     Linda Ly
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  • julie

    I cannot deal with my avocado envy. I’m giving the northeast only a few more years and then I am moving your direction !

  • Devona Mcgill

    Oh how I wish I lived closer. I would be more than happy to help with the avocados.