A Lot Can Happen in 10 Days

Right before I took off on a 10-day road trip through the Eastern Sierra, I started a few seeds in my bay window. There were tomato seeds, eggplant seeds, pepper seeds, squash and cucumbers and beans and endless varieties of leafy greens.

New seeds started by the bay window

I scored a great deal on peat pots from the dollar store, made a big batch of seed starting mix, popped in some seeds (some saved, some from Baker Creek), and left three trays in the care of our house-sitter.

One day before I left, the first seedlings were starting to emerge from their shells.

Seedlings starting to emerge

New seeds germinating

New seedlings sprouting

And then 10 days later… I came home to this.

Seedlings after 10 days

It’s beautiful and overwhelming at the same time. The beans are ready to be moved into the garden, and the tomatoes need a few more weeks of love before they’re separated into larger pots. I just transplanted the komatsuna to a raised bed yesterday, and am mapping out the rest of my garden to figure out where to put the corn this year.

Leafy green seedlings

Tomato seedlings

I can’t wait to see how everything will look in another 10 days!

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April 10 2013      35 comments     Linda Ly

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  • Sarah Raven

    The plants that I have been growing from seed definitely don’t grow as fast as yours! Your seedlings are very impressive.

    • Thanks! I find that keeping the seed trays warm, and then providing plenty of sunlight once they sprout, helps the seedlings grow faster.

  • Cary Bradley

    Exciting time of year! Your seedlings are beautiful. My komatsuna seedlings may go outside today for hardening off start. Hooray!

  • A trip and then a surprise! You’re having a good week. Love your stuff Garden Betty.