The Garden Betty Teamonade (Like an Arnold Palmer… Only Better)

The Garden Betty teamonade (or half-and-half)

This week I shared with you a recipe for Southern sweet tea with a secret ingredient (have you tried it yet?). And yesterday I shared a recipe for homemade lavender syrup which you can infuse your freshly squeezed lemonade with.

Maybe some of you have already figured it out, but these two things, my friends, make up my new favorite drink for summer: the Garden Betty teamonade!

It’s like an Arnold Palmer (or half-and-half, for those of you in the South)… only better. Or perhaps different is a more suitable term… It’s sweet, but not too cloying. It’s earthy, but not too flowery. It’s tart, but not too mouth-puckering. Combine the Southern sweet tea with my lavender lemonade and you’ve got a flavorful and fragrant sipper that you’ll find yourself gulping down quite easily!

Southern sweet tea combined with lavender lemonade

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June 7 2013      25 comments     Linda Ly
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  • Caleys Kitchen Garden

    Another great idea! I’ll bet it would work with any drinks that have different densities and colors!