My Favorite Things About Summer

Strawberries. Fresh. From my berry patch!


Throw in a handful of blueberries and mulberries too. Heaven.

Strawberries, blueberries and mulberries

Figs. I look forward to these all year!




Basil on tomatoes! (Along with a dash of olive oil and sea salt.)

Basil on tomatoes

The scent of tomato leaves, which always makes me think summer.

Tomato leaves

Watching this watermelon grow from a wee thing into a mammoth melon.





My chickens pumping out eggs like there’s no tomorrow.


Daylight at 8 pm. And still gardening when it’s supposed to be dinnertime… perhaps my most favorite thing of all and what I’ll miss over the coming weeks.

What are your favorite things about summer?

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September 16 2013      19 comments     Linda Ly
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  • Susann

    I love the smell after a summerrain. Nice post. thanks!

  • Laurie

    I love my garden too but living in Texas means it burns up in August. I also love all the flowers. The thing I love most about summer is being able to cycle for hours without being cold. :) I ride year round – 35* + and when it is under 60* I am COLD!!


    So happy to hear I’m not the only one who loved the scent from a tomato leaf. And I’ll miss the tan lines on my feet from padding around the garden in flip-flops…

    Thanks for a fun blog,