Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

Pineapple plant

1. After nearly three years, the pineapple top I planted has finally sprouted a new pineapple!

First tulip of the season

2. The tulips have started to bloom. That first flower is always a lovely surprise, as I’ve usually forgotten where I’d planted the bulbs.

My hen hiding in her new nest

3. Frantically looked all over the yard for my hen, Iman, only to find her hiding in her new nest — in the leaf mold compost!

Pugs at Ocean Beach

4. Ocean Beach outing in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

5. A rare fogless day in the city. That bird was a lucky shot!

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April 18 2014      17 comments     Linda Ly

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  • Holly

    Found you by your EXCELLENT step-by-step on vermicomposting, and I’m enjoying your blog very much. (Just got my worms in the mail. So excited.)

    Was wondering if you might consider writing an entry on leaf mold composting. I know it’s super, but I’m specifically trying to figure out the best kind of container for setting this up, and I’m not finding much in the way of info online….

    • Linda Ly

      You don’t need much by way of a container to contain your leaf mold. A big, freestanding pile of leaves will do the trick (as long as it’s in a protected area that’s not too windy), or you can build a simple plywood or chicken wire enclosure to hold the leaves. It can be as simple as screwing 4 pallets together to make an open box, or rolling out several yards of chicken wire and securing the ends with wire or zip-ties to make a cylindrical container.

  • Linda Ly

    Thank you!

  • Zazi

    How i love this blog since seeing it last month, i am in South Africa

    • Linda Ly

      Thank you for stopping by — all the way from South Africa! Wow!

  • Ally

    Love the photo of the tulip. So beautiful!


  • mistiaggie

    Do you have to plant tulips every year or do they come back every year? They don’t do well multiple years in our climate of SE Texas

    • Linda Ly

      This is my first year with tulips, but with other bulbs I’ve planted like narcissus, they come back every year.