Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

Odd carrot

1. Harvested a very tenacious carrot this week. As you can tell by the leaves, it started growing outward along the surface for a while, then found its way deep into the soil, going deeper, deeper… the carrot ended up being over a foot long and I still haven’t found the end piece that broke off. We had to get out the shovel for this one!

It's raining avocados

2. It’s raining avocados in my yard.

The last few fava beans

3. The last few fava beans are still hanging in there.

Steaming Romanesco broccoli

4. Steaming heads of Romanesco broccoli.


5. Today alone, I’ve managed to eat half a watermelon already. Yes, it’s hot here.

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May 2 2014      15 comments     Linda Ly

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  • Vera Greutink

    What a luxury to have avocados growing in your backyard! Unimaginable to a cool-climate gardener :-)

    • Linda Ly

      Well, there are definitely cool-climate crops that I envy as well. :-)

  • Kristen

    Beautiful broccoli! Do you get more than 1 head per plant? I live in Huntington Beach (same zone as you) and it’s my first year gardening. I planted a broccoli from seed and only got 1 head per plant– and they took forever! Started in October, just harvested the first head in April.

    • Linda Ly

      LOL yes, broccoli is a slow grower. Since the head is technically the flower bud of the plant, you only get one main head, and maybe a couple of smaller ones (though not always). Broccoli leaves are edible though, so it’s worth growing just for those!

  • Misti

    Jealous of your avocados! I also grew fava beans this year after seeing them on your blog last year. Not sure I’ll grow them again due to the amount I’d need to have a big harvest, but they were quite tasty.

    • Linda Ly

      You can actually eat favas without shelling the beans — they’re delicious grilled, pod and all. And the fava leaves are edible as well. I grew a couple of plants this past winter just for their leaves so I could keep cutting them back.

  • Lisa M.

    What do you do with all those avocados? Cool pics this Friday :0)

    • Linda Ly

      I eat them all! (Well, and give a few away to friends that pop by for a visit.) Thanks!

  • Zazi

    The size of that carrot, its massive. Ur garden sure has a way with vegetables wish mine can come close to yours *I am new in this gardening and enjoy it so much thus have growing nicely tomatoes*

    • Linda Ly

      Those kinds of carrots just come with luck. :-)