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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. My garden assistant. Or more like, boss.

Serrano peppers

2. More serrano peppers than I can eat! I think homemade crushed red pepper flakes are in my future this summer.

Carrot tops

3. Carrot tops in the afternoon light.

Orange mint

4. Orange mint (one of my favorite mints) coming back after a hefty prune in spring.

Wild strawberries

5. Yellow Wonder wild strawberry plants that need to be divided. They should be producing again soon!

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  • When you have a chance, can you let me know what you do to ‘divide’ your strawberry plants? I have these wonderful italian musk strawberries growing in a similar pot. After a year and a half, they look really ‘crowded’ – They have not produced runners this year…That’s the only way I ever knew how to propagate these things.

    • These wild strawberries don’t have runners, so I just take all the plants out of the pot and carefully pull them apart. I compost any plants whose crowns are damaged, then replant them into each pot hole. I also dump out all the potting soil, remove roots and other debris, and amend with compost/fertilizer before refilling the pot.

  • Looks like your garden is taking off nicely, what an adorable boos you have.

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Five Things Friday

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