Five Things Friday

Heirloom tomatoes

1. One of my favorite things about summer. (There are four or five varieties of tomatoes in there!)

Homegrown strawberries

2. One of my other favorite things about summer. Strawberries!

Sikkim cucumbers

3. Proof that you should never judge a veg by its looks. Despite the crackly brown skin that almost makes it look like bark, this Sikkim cucumber (a Himalayan heirloom) was one of the sweetest and juiciest cukes I’ve ever tasted.

Chickens foraging

4. The chickens devouring the “pasture” I’ve been growing all summer for them. Amaranth, dandelion, clover, wheat… they even mowed down the volunteer zucchini plants.

Fig-vanilla galette

5. Ahhh, figs… a huge harvest this week meant a freestyle vanilla-fig galette for breakfast (and lunch… and I even had a little slice left for dinner).

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August 8 2014      7 comments     Linda Ly
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