The five little things that made my week… 1. Of all the turnips I’ve grown over the years, these Red Round turnips are the best. So sweet and tender right out of the soil! I just harvested the last of the winter turnips and have so far made turnip soup, turnip gratin, braised turnip, roasted […]

May 1 2015      10 comments     Linda Ly

I just received a shipment of leafcutter bees in the mail the other day. Aren’t they neat? Or I should say, leafcutter bee cocoons. The silken cocoons come encased in the leafy cells the mother bee created when she laid her eggs. Unlike spring mason bees, which start flying when temperatures reach 55°F, summer leafcutter […]

April 27 2015      210 comments     Linda Ly
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I’ve been using OXO products ever since I started cooking… actually, before I started cooking. I still remember my first serious stroll through the kitchen section at Macy’s when I was 20 and living away from home. What did I find there that I thought I absolutely needed for my first kitchen in my first […]

April 20 2015      252 comments     Linda Ly
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The five little things that made my week… 1. After four years of waiting and watching them grow verdant in spring only to go dormant in winter, fruitless, our grapevines finally have… itty bitty little grapes!

April 17 2015      8 comments     Linda Ly

Wow. Just… wow. I was truly on a high this past Saturday, and I can’t even begin to express how thrilled, humbled, and grateful I am for all the people who came out to celebrate the release of The CSA Cookbook, as well as all the people who were there in spirit with us! As […]

April 14 2015      21 comments     Linda Ly
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The five little things that made my week… 1. It’s here. It’s finally here. After many a delay from port disputes, The CSA Cookbook officially makes its debut on the marketplace today! If you’ve received your copy or made a recipe, please share your creation by tagging #thecsacookbook on Twitter or Instagram!

March 20 2015      14 comments     Linda Ly
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It’s almost spring and for an edible gardener, that usually comes down to three things: starting, transplanting, and then loving on those luscious summer tomatoes! Are you ready?! The five little things that made my week… 1. Heirloom tomato seedlings doing their morning stretch in front of the window. I’ve started eight varieties this season […]

March 6 2015      18 comments     Linda Ly
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