Fennel is found in the wild all over California, and much to my amazement, many people consider it a weed… an aromatic, anise-flavored weed. I grew a small patch of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) in my garden this past spring, but my neighbor across the street has fennel growing en masse on his property. Every summer, […]

July 28 2014      11 comments     Linda Ly
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I have a beautiful old feijoa tree in my yard, and every spring it attracts flocks of starlings that dance through its leaves. The starlings are hungry for the hundreds of candy red flowers that appear before the fruits set in late summer. I liken these flowers to nature’s litter — swaying in the breeze, […]

June 30 2014      17 comments     Linda Ly
Flores   Jardín

I can’t remember the first time I tried lavender ice cream, but I do remember thinking it sounded weird at first… and possibly tasting like perfume (because really, who wants to eat linen spray?). Luckily for my tastebuds, it wasn’t and it didn’t, and I’ve been smitten with lavender-flavored sweets ever since. I heart this […]

September 2 2013      21 comments     Linda Ly
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We’re often told that once a brassica bolts, that signals the end of its life. But to me, those first few kale buds (also known as kale raab) are the start of a new life — in the form of edible flowers that are surprisingly tender and sweet (especially if you’ve had a very cold […]

July 8 2013      28 comments     Linda Ly
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I know it’s not spring yet, but in my neck of the woods (which I affectionately call “the land of 72 and sunny”) it already feels like spring, and it even looks like spring too. I guess that prognosticatin’ groundhog was right after all — spring is near, and this is what I’m seeing around […]

February 19 2013      13 comments     Linda Ly
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One of my favorite herbs sits in my perennial herb bed, and it’s a basil. Yep, a perennial basil. I never even knew such a thing existed until I found my African Blue at a nursery. It flowers almost year-round with pretty purple and lavender buds on long stems, but never bolts and tastes just […]

May 16 2011      11 comments     Linda Ly
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A montage of blooms from my local nursery. What is it about flowers that incites happiness, evokes memories, inspires romance? A brilliant fuchsia. I love its ornamental buds. They look like paper lanterns!

March 21 2011      Leave a comment     Linda Ly