If you like to give your seeds a head start on the season by sprouting them on a sunny windowsill, you may be wondering right about now: why are they so spindly and stretching toward the sun? This isn’t a catwalk, ladies!

February 21 2017      Leave a comment     Linda Ly

Rain doesn’t happen too often in Southern California, but when it does, I always love the gleam it brings to the garden. And literally, too — the wide-spreading patches of volunteer nasturtium vines seem to sparkle with thousands of Swarovski crystals after a good storm.

June 9 2016      1 comment     Linda Ly

Yes, you read that right. Warning: Images of placenta ahead. When I was pregnant, the placenta — or rather, what to do with it post-birth — was a popular topic among my friends who already had babies or were expecting babies. Some had their placentas encapsulated. Most left them at the hospital. I was on the fence […]

May 10 2016      18 comments     Linda Ly
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The five little things that made my week… 1. The garden is a tangled mess of nasturtium vines right now, which are slowly dying back with our dry spell. But one bonus crop is a bright spot amidst all the brown: nasturtium seeds! I wait for them every year as the flowers start to shrivel […]

May 6 2016      1 comment     Linda Ly
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Every year, there seems to be a new “superfood” on the scene. Blueberries. Pomegranates. Acai berries. Purple kale. What they all have in common, besides being the “it” ingredient in countless smoothie recipes, is the presence of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are naturally occurring compounds that give plants their vibrant purple, pink, red, and blue coloring and […]

May 3 2016      8 comments     Linda Ly
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To celebrate the first anniversary of the release of The CSA Cookbook, today’s post goes back — way back, to the beginnings of the CSA movement and the people and places I visited while promoting my book on a cross-country road trip. Enjoy this little slice of American farm history! It’s been estimated that there […]

March 20 2016      Leave a comment     Linda Ly

The five little things that made my week… 1. Shiso babies sprouting up after the last few storms. This mint-like Asian herb (also called perilla or tía tô) volunteers like a weed in my garden, but I keep it around for its beauty and fragrance. (Not to mention it’s a fantastic herb.)

March 11 2016      3 comments     Linda Ly
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