Wearing an insulated snowsuit and fleece-lined beanie

How to Dress Adventure Babies for Cold Winter Weather

In her first year of life, Gemma camped in the snow, hiked the Cascades, explored the Colorado Plateau, and visited a variety of terrain from sea level to 12,000 feet above. Through it all, she remained a happy, healthy baby and simply adores being outside, rain or shine.

What’s your secret to bringing a baby outdoors? other parents want to know. And while they think my answer will be one of the many pieces of gear we’ve acquired since becoming parents ourselves (we definitely don’t travel lightly!), I always tell them it comes down to one thing: layers.

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First apple blossoms of spring
Random Thoughts

Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. Spring starts much earlier in Southern California than most parts of the country, but a sure sign of the change of seasons for me is when the apple blossoms on our tree begin to appear!

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Planting milkweed for the monarchs
Flowers & Herbs, Garden of Eatin', Insects & Worms

Planting Milkweed for the Monarchs

It’s one of the greatest migrations of the animal kingdom: Every spring, hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies sweep across the continent from Mexico to Canada and then back again in fall, a journey spanning nearly 3,000 miles and multiple generations. In fact, recent studies show that it takes up to four generations for monarchs to make it north out of Mexico and into Southern Canada!

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Nestling in bed on a cold day
House & Home

Keep Calm and Hygge On

Do you find pleasure in nestling deep in your blanket on cold days, or warming up the house with a slow-cooking stew? Do you feel content with sharing a simple meal with family and friends, or gathering around a campfire under a moonlit sky?

The Danes have a word for all these things: hygge. But hygge is not any one “thing,” per se. It’s a Scandinavian lifestyle concept that encompasses all things cozy (in its most simplistic definition) and the intimate connection one feels with others. While there’s no direct translation in English, hygge can be thought of as the pursuit of everyday happiness, or the art of creating a calming and comfortable atmosphere in and out of the home.

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Introducing my 10-month-old baby to snowboarding

Introducing My 10-Month-Old Baby to Snowboarding

Pre-parenthood, I always heard stories of babies that could swim before they crawled or run before they walked. It seemed that babies were built with instinctive reflexes that went beyond sucking or smiling — reflexes combined with a lack of fear and low center of gravity, two great advantages in the world of snowsports.

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Decoding your garden seed catalogs
Garden of Eatin', Seeds & Seedlings

Decoding Your Garden Seed Catalogs

Seed catalogs are starting to fill my mailbox with the imminent arrival of spring, and they’re one of my favorite ways to pass a rainy day. Parked on the couch, marker in hand, I can spend an entire afternoon circling seed choices and dogearing pages with the giddiness of a kid in a candy store. One of my Facebook followers put it best: it’s one of those times when the eyes are bigger than the stomach (or in my case, bigger than the garden).

I’ve been buying and starting seeds every year since I started gardening (a veteran or even an addict, you might say), but I remember those early days of trying to unravel the mysteries of the various terms and abbreviations in my seed catalogs. What was the difference between OP versus F1 seed? Or scarification versus stratification? What were all those weird letters listed in the tomato descriptions?

If you’re new to seed shopping, here’s the full rundown of what you might encounter in a seed catalog and what it all means.

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