Recap: The CSA Cookbook release party

Wow. Just… wow. I was truly on a high this past Saturday, and I can’t even begin to express how thrilled, humbled, and grateful I am for all the people who came out to celebrate the release of The CSA Cookbook, as well as all the people who were there in spirit with us!

As soon as the last hors d’oeuvres were arranged and the first guest arrived (hi Tiana!), this was pretty much how I felt — all day long.

Excited party guest


April 14 2015      21 comments     Linda Ly
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Friends, mark your calendars, we are CELEBRATIN’!

You're invited to The CSA Cookbook release party!


March 28 2015      25 comments     Linda Ly

Official video trailer for The CSA Cookbook by Linda Ly

Yes, it’s a thing… commercials for cookbooks, and I’m so happy to share the official trailer for The CSA Cookbook with you!


March 26 2015      36 comments     Linda Ly

The five little things that made my week…

The CSA Cookbook is published!

1. It’s here. It’s finally here. After many a delay from port disputes, The CSA Cookbook officially makes its debut on the marketplace today! If you’ve received your copy or made a recipe, please share your creation by tagging #thecsacookbook on Twitter or Instagram!


March 20 2015      14 comments     Linda Ly
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How long do seeds really last? (Plus, a cheat sheet on seed storage life)

The beginning of spring usually sees me sprawled in the middle of the living room floor, with all my ammo boxes, laying out rows and rows of seed packets sorted by vegetable, and then by variety. Some are even color-coded… and I suddenly realize I have a rather strange obsession with collecting 12 different types of purple tomatoes (and counting).

Inevitably, a handful of seed packets get tossed in the compost pile as I double-check the dates… peppers from 2012, onions from four years ago. Yikes.

Some seeds I’ve only sown once or twice but still have half a packet left, some I’ve saved… and saved… and saved… because they’re so easy to save by the bagful every year (I’m looking at you, beans). Still others are rotated every few seasons as I try new varieties, and by the time I make it back to those Parisienne carrots, it’s already been a couple years. Are they still good? Should I get new ones? How long do seeds really last, anyway?


March 17 2015      19 comments     Linda Ly

Chicken-keeping tips and tricks: collard wraps

This might fall into the obvious Duhhh, you don’t say camp, but sometimes the simplest things are the smartest. And we all like pictures of cute little chickens, so hear me out for a second.

Oftentimes when I feed my flock their fermented grains, I scoop them into a separate dish before I serve them. I do this because the dish is already in the kitchen, and I just want to make a single trip to the coop to release and feed the girls.

But lately, with my garden exploding in greens, I’ve been taking the tiny extra step of harvesting a leaf from my collard crop and filling it with fermented feed. In essence I’m making those same collard wraps that are so popular on paleo blogs and in health food restaurants… and chickens can’t get enough of them either.


March 13 2015      10 comments     Linda Ly

Emerging seedling

It’s a sight that every seed starter dreads: a seemingly healthy seedling, perhaps even the first to sprout, suddenly slumped over the next week with a wizened stem.

Withered stem caused by damping off

You may have even blamed lousy seed germination for a meager crop of seedlings when in fact, microscopic plant pathogens were at work below the surface. Collectively, these pathogens cause a condition called damping off.


March 10 2015      6 comments     Linda Ly
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