Emerging seedling

It’s a sight that every seed starter dreads: a seemingly healthy seedling, perhaps even the first to sprout, suddenly slumped over the next week with a wizened stem.

Withered stem caused by damping off

You may have even blamed lousy seed germination for a meager crop of seedlings when in fact, microscopic plant pathogens were at work below the surface. Collectively, these pathogens cause a condition called damping off.


March 10 2015      6 comments     Linda Ly
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It’s almost spring and for an edible gardener, that usually comes down to three things: starting, transplanting, and then loving on those luscious summer tomatoes! Are you ready?!

The five little things that made my week…

Heirloom tomato seedlings in a window

1. Heirloom tomato seedlings doing their morning stretch in front of the window. I’ve started eight varieties this season in a rainbow of colors from yellow to blue! (Which variety are you most excited about?)


March 6 2015      18 comments     Linda Ly
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Cabin in the woods

It was quiet on the blog front last week, and for good reason — I found myself in the middle of the woods in Washington, near the base of Mount Rainier, with no wifi or data service in the little cabin my friends and I had rented for the week.

Though I hadn’t planned on being disconnected, one week of a little less technology was much welcomed. And I wasn’t fully off the grid, anyhow; I was still able to post photos from the one place I did have 4G which, ironically, was on top of a 6,800-foot mountain.


February 24 2015      6 comments     Linda Ly
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Call for cookbook ambassadors!

Are you a blogger? And are you curious in what The CSA Cookbook has to offer?

With my book arriving any day now, I’m putting out a call for cookbook ambassadors! That is, bloggers who are interested in reviewing The CSA Cookbook on their blogs in exchange for a free signed copy. You can post an honest review, share a recipe from the book, or run a reader giveaway — it’s your choice!

I have a limited number of free copies to send to bloggers, so I’m looking for a few good people with passionate voices and a love of vegetables. If this sounds like you, tell me about your blog!


February 23 2015      18 comments     Linda Ly
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Hey Atlanta! I'll be speaking at the Garden Bloggers Conference

If you’re in Atlanta (or planning to travel to Atlanta) for the Garden Bloggers Conference, I’m happy to announce I’ll be speaking at this event!

Join us February 25 to February 27, 2015, as an inspiring lineup of speakers present on a variety of “blogging as a business” topics, from branding and monetizing your blog to website security and social media strategies. Nate Berkus, Oprah’s go-to design guru, will be keynoting the conference. (It’s my first gig and I’m on the same speaker roster as Nate? Holy moly!)


February 12 2015      14 comments     Linda Ly

Life in a little off-grid surf community

I’m often asked what it’s like when you’re in The Real Mexico and living as the locals do, being entirely self-sufficient, exercising an immense amount of patience (what I call “Baja time,” which isn’t all that different from “island time”), and as a result, becoming surprisingly flexible, resourceful, and creative.

When the nearest major town is an hour away (and the first eight miles to the highway are all off road), you really learn to make do with what you have and appreciate the things you always take for granted.


February 9 2015      22 comments     Linda Ly
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The five little things that made my week…

First eggs of the year

1. Five eggs in one week! Giiiiiirl, Kimora is BACK! As is the egg holder that we had stashed away all winter. (Now if only her sister would get the memo…)


February 6 2015      14 comments     Linda Ly