Welcome to the weekend, friends! As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to El Salvador for the next seven days, working on my tan, riding warm-water waves, and drinking cheap beer like it’s going out of style.

March 29 2014      7 comments     Linda Ly
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The record-setting drought in California has been big news lately — at least on the west coast, where it was recently announced that Central Valley farmers will get no water this year from the federal government, and a Gold Rush ghost town hidden underwater since 1955 has resurfaced at the bottom of Folsom Lake. Most of […]

February 26 2014      11 comments     Linda Ly
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When it comes to the Wonders of the World, there are quite a few lists compiled for everything from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. To limit these lists to just seven is really not fair, considering the vast wonders to be found on this earth… […]

November 27 2013      29 comments     Linda Ly

Anyone who’s even just peeked at my blog knows that I’m an adventure addict. If you stepped inside my garage, you’d seriously think you were inside an REI store… Shelves and hooks full of climbing, camping and backpacking gear; bin after bin filled with watersports equipment; snowboards, downhill skis and cross-country skis leaning against the […]

November 25 2013      7 comments     Linda Ly

I want to take a moment and admit something here, something that I didn’t believe could be true until I was married. As last mentioned in the story of Will’s proposal, I didn’t consider myself the marrying kind. I was never one to dream about my wedding day, I never tore out magazine pages of […]

September 18 2013      28 comments     Linda Ly
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I still remember that day — that whole weekend — quite vividly. I get goosebumps thinking about it. December 31, 2012. That was the best day of my life (thus far) and it was filled with so much joy, love, laughter, tears, and of course, tequila. Because you can’t have a wedding in Mexico without […]

September 17 2013      24 comments     Linda Ly
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I used to think hiking downhill was much easier than hiking uphill. I also used to think I could hike just fine without a pair of hiking poles, which I considered the requisite sign of bad knees and getting old. Ah, to be in my 20s again.

August 31 2013      19 comments     Linda Ly