Up until last week, when I spent a few days exploring north-central Arizona, I really had no idea that the forests around Flagstaff were so green and volcanic. Had it not been for red rock mesas rising in the distance and tumbleweeds rolling across the desert, I wouldn’t have thought we were in the state […]

November 9 2014      11 comments     Linda Ly

When it comes to the Wonders of the World, there are quite a few lists compiled for everything from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. To limit these lists to just seven is really not fair, considering the vast wonders to be found on this earth… […]

November 27 2013      37 comments     Linda Ly

In Route 66 travel lore, the narrow, twisty, two-lane road to or from Oatman, Arizona, is the most intimidating passageway on all of the Mother Road. These 10 miles of steep switchbacks and hairpin turns between Ed’s Camp and Oatman pass through the Black Mountains, and were once the east-west thoroughfare in that part of […]

October 28 2013      21 comments     Linda Ly

Back in its heyday in the late 1800s, Hackberry was a thriving ranching and mining town in the northwest Arizona desert, producing over $3 million in gold and silver before the Hackberry Silver Mine shut down in 1919. It’s believed the town was named for the large hackberry tree that grew near the mine. When […]

October 11 2013      11 comments     Linda Ly

I live for road trips. When my boyfriend was booked to photograph a wedding in Scottsdale and he asked me to be his second shooter, my first reaction was “When?” Desert drives are something special to us. We do a lot of it. We’ve spent Halloween in the Grand Canyon. We’ve off-roaded in Death Valley. […]

October 20 2010      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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