I often equate artichoke with crawfish: You have to really work for it. And when an artichoke (or a crawfish — I just hosted a Southern-themed dinner at my house that reminded me of it) is dangling in front of you, it’s such a tease. You want to put the whole thing in your mouth […]

June 11 2013      15 comments     Linda Ly
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Artichokes are such interesting things. We consider the artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) a vegetable, even though it’s a thistle and more specifically, the part that we eat (and that most people ever see in the store) is actually a flower bud — and sometimes called a head.

June 10 2013      15 comments     Linda Ly
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Most of the time, you can’t go wrong with a simple artichoke that’s steamed and served with a buttery dipping sauce. But for people like my husband, who only likes artichoke with a nice, tangy aioli (he pretty much only eats artichoke for the aioli, using the leaf merely as a vessel to transport the […]

May 24 2013      24 comments     Linda Ly
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For the last few weeks, my 6 artichoke plants (8? 10? More? They’ve multiplied so much that I’ve lost count) have been going off. Each plant bears beautiful spiny buds of the Purple of Romagna variety, an Italian heirloom that’s said to be more tender than the typical green globe.

May 23 2013      29 comments     Linda Ly
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Last week I had the honor of hosting Jere Gettle (as in the Jere Gettle from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, pictured at right) and Paul Wallace (the man in charge of Baker Creek’s west coast branch, the Petaluma Seed Bank) at my humble little abode. They were only in town for a day or two, […]

April 3 2012      16 comments     Linda Ly

May is an interesting time in my garden. While colder climes have beds bursting with lettuce and carrots and radishes, my fair weather vegetable garden sits nearly empty, waiting for seedlings to go in the ground or emerge out of the ground. Gardening in Los Angeles, it’s a blessing that our seasons are so long, […]

May 25 2011      6 comments     Linda Ly
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