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Remember the kimchi we made last month? If you still have that last jar sitting around and notice that it’s starting to get pretty ripe (as in overly fermented), here’s an easy peasy recipe to put the rest of that kimchi to use. In fact, I love to make extra jars of kimchi just for […]

August 16 2013      12 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina

Every spring and fall, I grow a beautiful bed of komatsuna (Brassica rapa var. perviridis), a type of Japanese mustard green related to turnip and rapini. It’s the fastest growing green in my garden (ready to harvest as baby greens within three weeks, fully mature by five weeks), and its spicy, mustardy leaves can be […]

June 19 2013      32 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

I’ve often wondered why lettuce and spinach aren’t summer crops. Whose idea was it to give us all those sweet, juicy tomatoes and fresh, crisp cucumbers in the summer, but no lettuce or spinach to go with them? Sure, there are ways to extend the life of your spring greens by giving them more shade […]

June 22 2012      32 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

When I first gave you a peek at my garden in May, things were looking a little sparse… I had just drawn up a plan for the next season, pulled out most of my winter and spring crops, and turned over the soil with freshly made compost. My onions and garlic were still a couple […]

July 22 2011      7 comments     Linda Ly
Frutas   Jardín   Verduras

I remember the very first row of seeds I sowed back in September, a handful of spicy Japanese radish seeds placed every two inches, to be thinned out later to six inches apart. But when the time came to eliminate the excess seedlings, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Call me a proud mama, […]

December 20 2010      2 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

A collection of healthful, scrumptious, leafy greens from the garden this winter… my mama would be proud! Rossa di Verona radicchio, an Italian heirloom. The bright red stems of Five-Color Silverbeet chard.

December 16 2010      1 comment     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

One of my favorite things in the world is harvesting a basketful of garden goodies for a fantastically fresh, just-plucked meal. I think these will go into a nice salad and maybe a soup later: spicy Japanese radish, French breakfast radish, Japanese cucumber, yellow carrot, purple bush beans, salad burnet, bloody dock, true French sorrel, […]

November 29 2010      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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