backyard chickens

I love the rain. And one of the reasons I love the rain is because at some point during the day, when there’s a break in the clouds and we have a brief moment of stillness, I run out to the yard for a quick round of weeding. It seems that as soon as the […]

February 28 2014      20 comments     Linda Ly
Gallinas   Jardín

I have beautiful chickens… and I’m not just saying that because they’re my chickens. It wasn’t too long ago that they were just a pair of raggedy looking ladies with cowlicks and bald spots, suffering through their seasonal molts (albeit with dignity). When I look at them now, with their full and fluffy new coats […]

February 17 2014      15 comments     Linda Ly

My chickens are quite the pampered ladies. Not only do they get the occasional spa treatment in the house, but they also get self-imposed spa days in the backyard. Have you ever watched a chicken take a dust bath? It’s one of the most intriguing and entertaining things of raising your own flock. Watching this […]

January 31 2014      24 comments     Linda Ly

My chickens stopped laying at the start of fall. It was expected of Iman, my ornamental Golden Laced Cochin, but unusual for Kimora, my highly productive Barred Rock. Last winter she still pumped out an egg or two a week, but between the heavy molting and the fowl pox, her body was just not up […]

January 23 2014      26 comments     Linda Ly

It’s almost winter, and both my chickens have finished their molts just in time for the cooler weather (and what timing — we dropped from a balmy 72°F on Monday to a chilly 57°F today!). It was an especially trying year for the chickens, since they both suffered from fowl pox at the same time […]

December 4 2013      17 comments     Linda Ly

Not surprisingly, chickens get chicken pox too. Except in their case, it’s called fowl pox and like the human version, it’s a contagious viral disease with no cure and no treatment, other than trying to keep morale up. Both of my chickens are in the middle of their molts, so I didn’t think too much […]

November 4 2013      17 comments     Linda Ly

It’s been three weeks since the passing of our Easter Egger hen, Gisele, and while I’ve finally accepted her death, her memory is still a little sad to process. I think the situation struck me especially hard because she was the first pet I ever lost and I know she won’t be my last; the […]

October 8 2013      27 comments     Linda Ly