Why am I starting off a story about backpacking with a nearly nude picture of myself? Because when you’re in the middle of the wild with no one else around, skinny dipping in an alpine lake is something you have to check off the list at least once, if not every time. It is, quite […]

July 20 2014      22 comments     Linda Ly

The record-setting drought in California has been big news lately — at least on the west coast, where it was recently announced that Central Valley farmers will get no water this year from the federal government, and a Gold Rush ghost town hidden underwater since 1955 has resurfaced at the bottom of Folsom Lake. Most of […]

February 26 2014      12 comments     Linda Ly
Aventuras   Viajes

I used to think hiking downhill was much easier than hiking uphill. I also used to think I could hike just fine without a pair of hiking poles, which I considered the requisite sign of bad knees and getting old. Ah, to be in my 20s again.

August 31 2013      22 comments     Linda Ly

When it comes to classic Yosemite peaks, Half Dome gets all the attention. All the maps and trail guides talk about Half Dome. Every person who finds out you’re in Yosemite has to ask, “Have you done Half Dome?” But what they should really be asking is, “Have you done Cloud’s Rest?” This rocky ridge, […]

August 29 2013      51 comments     Linda Ly

After acclimatizing at Raisin Lake for two days, we were rested, relaxed, and excited to begin (like, truly begin) our backpacking journey from Yosemite High Country to Yosemite Valley. Another friend was meeting us for this leg of the trip, so our threesome soon became a foursome. From the parking lot at May Lake, we […]

August 12 2013      36 comments     Linda Ly

I fell off the face of the earth recently. Disconnected. In the mountains. Traipsing across the magnificent granite domes of Yosemite with a backpack that weighed in around 45 pounds, but gradually dropped to 35 pounds as my bear can emptied over a week of dehydrated meals, salumi, cheese, oats, nuts, chocolate, and dozens of […]

August 1 2013      61 comments     Linda Ly

Sometimes I wonder if these types of posts need any narration at all. Sometimes I feel the pictures tell the full story, and they do a better job than I ever could describing the grandeur and beauty of the Eastern Sierra backcountry. So, I’ll try to let them do most of the talking… I only […]

April 26 2013      66 comments     Linda Ly