Every time I wrap up another phase of my cookbook, it always feels so, so close yet so, so far away. We’re still months (like, six months) from the official release, but since half that time is spent in printing, we’re much closer to the finish line than it seems. This week, the blurbs are […]

September 10 2014      38 comments     Linda Ly
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Of all the cookbook shoots Will and I worked on over the course of five months, the two weeks that we spent in Northern California this past spring were among my favorite… and mostly because it felt like we were vacationing, not working. I mean, when your office for the week is on top of […]

August 6 2014      17 comments     Linda Ly
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Before a cookbook was ever even a glimmer in the back of my mind, I’d always envisioned cookbook shoots to be high-intensity, elaborate affairs requiring a village to create. And in some cases, this is true. My hubby Will used to recount that in his early days of photography, fresh out of school, he assisted […]

July 23 2014      18 comments     Linda Ly
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You’ve made countless salads and salsas, even pickled and frozen them, but if you’re like me out here in zone 10b, you’ve still got those late-season cherry tomatoes coming out your ears. Here’s one last way of using them all up with a minimum amount of effort — a cherry tomato bisque for busy people […]

October 11 2011      2 comments     Linda Ly
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What to do when you have an excess of kale in the garden, and not enough meals in the week to use it all? You make kale chips! I had always heard about kale chips but thought they were strictly for hippie-foodie, Whole Foods-consuming, crunchy-granola health nuts. As someone who bizarrely lacks the snacking gene, […]

February 21 2011      22 comments     Linda Ly
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It’s harvest day! And I couldn’t be more excited about the season’s first bounty, my Aka Karaine hybrid radish from Kitazawa Seed Company. A few things drew me to this Japanese radish when I first bought the seeds: the vibrant color, the spiciness of the radish, the fact that the entire plant (root and leaves) […]

November 17 2010      4 comments     Linda Ly
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I’ve been on a canning kick the whole summer, a new hobby that I forced myself to learn back in July. After harvesting 40 pounds of tomatoes in just one morning (with more taunting me on their vines) and freaking out about the tomatoes for breakfast-lunch-and-dinner that I’d have to feed the boyfriend every day […]

September 25 2010      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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