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With less than a month before mini Garden Betty makes her debut, the countdown has begun. I’ve made a list of chores to tackle in the coming weeks, from laundering all the baby clothes to decluttering the house top to bottom. One might say I’m beginning to nest, but I would counter that’s hardly the […]

February 17 2016      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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Winter in Bryce Canyon National Park (or more accurately, spring in a heavy snowfall season) is magical for many reasons — the red rock amphitheater gleams beneath a coat of white; the sandstone arches, windows, fins, spires, and bizarre rock forms called hoodoos look even more surreal; the blanket of slushy snow dampens the trills […]

May 23 2011      2 comments     Linda Ly

I would say that Powder Mountain, the mammoth but little-known resort in Northern Utah’s Wasatch Range, is a very lucky place to be. So why 13 reasons to jinx it? While Western superstition considers the number 13 to be unlucky, it means quite the opposite in traditional Chinese culture. When pronounced in Mandarin, “1” sounds […]

May 18 2011      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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Every winter, I pack up my gear, load up my friends, and pile into a truck for the seven-hour drive to the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Sometimes we rally up Highway 5, the quickest route alongside semi-trucks, cow pastures, and a whole lot of nothing. Sometimes we meander our way up Highway 395, adding […]

March 4 2011      5 comments     Linda Ly
Aventuras   Viajes

I almost don’t want to tell you where I went the day after Christmas, because I’m selfish and wanna keep this little secret to myself. But some things are just too good not to share with friends.

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