The five little things that made my week… 1. A harvest of Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumbers. Sometimes I’ll trick friends into trying one by saying it’s a mini watermelon.

July 25 2014      22 comments     Linda Ly
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No, we’re not actually pickling bread and butter of any kind. This classic pickling recipe is so named because back in the olden days when times were tough, the sweet and sour pickles were tucked between two slices of buttered bread to make a hearty sandwich. And you know what? It’s quite delicious! I like […]

September 28 2012      11 comments     Linda Ly
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This summer I had cucumbers climbing all over my garden, from the cream-colored orbs of my Dragon’s Eggs to the slender and striated Metki Painted Serpents. But the biggest crowd pleasers of the season have got to be these little guys — Mexican Sour Gherkins.

September 22 2012      22 comments     Linda Ly
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Of the six types of cukes I grew this past summer, this was one of my favorites. Though it’s called an Armenian cucumber, botanically it’s a muskmelon (Cucumis melo, more commonly known in the form of a cantaloupe) and the species is closely related to the cucumber.

September 14 2012      7 comments     Linda Ly
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How beautiful is this? Eggs from my Barred Rock, my Easter Egger, my Cochin, and my very own backyard dragons! (What, you didn’t know I had backyard dragons?)

August 29 2012      11 comments     Linda Ly
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Last week, I came home to an overflowing garden after spending five days in the mountains. I’m convinced that as soon as I leave town and stop “supervising” my veggies, they decide to have a growth spurt overnight. That ginormous squash? I swear that it wasn’t there the week that I left. But when I […]

August 2 2012      5 comments     Linda Ly
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One day’s harvest over the weekend… Bidwell casaba melon, Japanese Summer Top cucumber, Purple Plum and White Hailstone radishes, Striata d’Italia zucchini, Red Zebra tomatoes, Sweet Chocolate bell peppers (the first ripe ones this season!), Poona Kheera cucumber, Strie Patisson Melange squash, and a pair of crisp golden apples. Now I just need to go […]

August 22 2011      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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