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I’m often fascinated by the stretch of highway halfway between Los Angeles and Mammoth Lakes Basin. Going north, it starts as a nondescript drive through miles of arid desert before the majestic peaks of the Eastern Sierra Nevada come into view. And it’s here, on a random turn-off from the highway, where one of the […]

July 30 2014      12 comments     Linda Ly

Why am I starting off a story about backpacking with a nearly nude picture of myself? Because when you’re in the middle of the wild with no one else around, skinny dipping in an alpine lake is something you have to check off the list at least once, if not every time. It is, quite […]

July 20 2014      26 comments     Linda Ly

For me, every trip through the Eastern Sierra has to start or end with a hot spring. In a former life, I think I was a balneologist — one who studies the therapeutic effects of thermal baths. Now I just like to pretend I’m one! I have my favorites, like the Long Valley Caldera classics […]

June 17 2013      15 comments     Linda Ly

Sometimes I wonder if these types of posts need any narration at all. Sometimes I feel the pictures tell the full story, and they do a better job than I ever could describing the grandeur and beauty of the Eastern Sierra backcountry. So, I’ll try to let them do most of the talking… I only […]

April 26 2013      66 comments     Linda Ly

With summer coming to an end soon (nooooo! I was getting used to the 8 pm sunsets), I thought I would finally share the biggest highlight of my summer, and that was my birthday adventure in a little-known gem of the Eastern Sierra called Florence Lake. What makes it so little known, and what makes […]

September 9 2012      15 comments     Linda Ly
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The East Fork of the Carson, a designated California State Scenic River, is one of the few rivers that flows down the steep eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Range. Straddling Northern California and Northern Nevada, the raftable section of the river runs from Markleeville to Gardnerville, a 20-mile stretch of high desert canyons with […]

September 21 2011      7 comments     Linda Ly
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Snow, June, and California — these three words don’t exactly belong in the same sentence. But with “June-uary” in full swing this year, dropping record snowfall across much of California’s mountains, it was both a curse and a blessing. My river camping trip, an annual birthday tradition, was a bust because with record snowfall comes […]

July 18 2011      3 comments     Linda Ly
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