Yes, you read that right. Warning: Images of placenta ahead. When I was pregnant, the placenta — or rather, what to do with it post-birth — was a popular topic among my friends who already had babies or were expecting babies. Some had their placentas encapsulated. Most left them at the hospital. I was on the fence […]

May 10 2016      18 comments     Linda Ly
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When other gardeners ask how I amend my soil, the answer is almost always with compost tea. It’s a safe and natural fertilizer that revives and replenishes the soil food web, a highly complex ecosystem comprising a community of good and bad bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, earthworms, and arthropods. To put it simply, the soil […]

January 21 2015      46 comments     Linda Ly
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In the winter time, a couple of my garden beds get less sun and stay more soggy so it’s difficult to grow a food crop. I usually let the soil rest at this time, but by that I don’t mean I leave the garden beds bare. Even if you only garden three seasons out of […]

October 15 2013      41 comments     Linda Ly
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My chickens free-range in the backyard most of the day, with unrestricted access to the vegetable garden. I don’t fence or otherwise protect my raised beds, and they’ve been very good about our unspoken “beaks off” policy when it comes to my vegetables. The trick? Giving them a “salad bar” that they can call their […]

February 7 2012      13 comments     Linda Ly
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The other week I was doing some spring cleaning, and clearing out the last remnants of our cold weather — the wood ash from our potbelly stove. But what exactly can you do with wood ash?

May 13 2011      5 comments     Linda Ly

I found a random ranch in the middle of an industrial section of Long Beach, set along the cesspool that is the Los Angeles River, that was giving away free manure, the compost of the garden gods. Armed with our shovels, bins and buckets, Will and I went on Mission: Manure on Sunday and loaded […]

September 20 2010      Leave a comment     Linda Ly