I’ve often thought green garlic was a culinary secret that only gardeners appreciated. Green garlic (also called spring garlic or baby garlic) is simply a young, immature bulb that hasn’t yet divided. It looks like an overgrown scallion or a small leek, and in fact it tastes like a cross of the two, with a […]

June 24 2014      15 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín   Verduras

I think this might be the biggest crop of garlic I’ve ever grown. And by biggest, I mean the size of the bulb — at least 3 inches across, with many of them spanning over 4 inches! (And no, this isn’t elephant garlic — which, oddly, is not a true garlic but a type of […]

June 24 2013      33 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

Have you harvested your garlic yet? After curing and cleaning off my crop this season, I came across these tiny bulbs of Siciliano Artichoke garlic.

July 18 2012      7 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

Right around this time of year, bundles of garlic scapes abound at farmers’ markets all over, but if you grow hardneck garlic at home, you might notice the same curious tendrils shooting out of your garlic bulbs. The scapes (also called garlic shoots, stems, stalks or spears) are a garden foodie favorite and can be […]

July 4 2012      9 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

You waited seven, maybe nine months, for all that homegrown garlic to finish growing. Now that you’ve dug it all up, you want to savor it for as long as possible until the next garlic crop is ready. This is when curing becomes your friend. Curing is the process of letting your garlic dry down […]

July 14 2011      78 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

After a particularly rainy and dismal spring, followed by May Gray (the sometime predecessor of California’s coastal June Gloom), a small patch of my garlic plants started developing white and yellowish-orange flecks on their leaves. These flecks intensified, spread to neighboring garlic plants, and soon were infecting entire leaves, causing some to wilt and die […]

July 11 2011      43 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

Your garlic cloves went in the ground last October, grew through winter and spring, and now that it’s July, they’re ready to be plucked from the garden, right? Well, ready-ish. Garlic is one of those things where timing is everything, and the harvest period can span from late spring through late summer, depending on the […]

July 9 2011      71 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín