The five little things that made my week… 1. Bringing a spent sunflower head down to the chicken run. The ladies love their little treat! If you have the space, it’s worth growing a crop of sunflowers near your run every summer. As the flowers fade, they naturally drop their seeds. It gives them something […]

August 7 2015      34 comments     Linda Ly
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A couple years ago, I took a three-week holiday through Europe with my mom. We circled Western Europe and toured 9 countries in total (10 if you count the Vatican), zipping across channels and cities and countrysides, starting in London and ending in Amsterdam. (Has anyone ever flown out of Amsterdam’s airport? I don’t think […]

November 22 2013      29 comments     Linda Ly
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It really is a blessing to be able to walk around the yard, basket in hand, and harvest all my meals for the day. It’s like grocery shopping in my own home, and it’s my absolute favorite thing about having an edible garden. While this can be done almost any time of year, the shoulder […]

September 27 2013      22 comments     Linda Ly
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Strawberries. Fresh. From my berry patch!

September 16 2013      19 comments     Linda Ly
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There’s an old saying about corn — “Knee-high by the Fourth of July” — whose wisdom is if your crop stands knee-high around the holiday, you’ll have a good yield that year. That was probably true about two generations ago, when farmers used the catchy phrase to gauge their crop, but nowadays corn can be […]

August 2 2013      25 comments     Linda Ly
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Ever since my carrot top salsa recipe, I’ve received a great number of emails asking if (or even insisting that) carrot tops are toxic. I’ll just get straight to the point: This popular myth has been perpetuated through continual hearsay and personal anecdotes, and I have yet to find any scientific study that says, once […]

July 11 2013      60 comments     Linda Ly
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I think this might be the biggest crop of garlic I’ve ever grown. And by biggest, I mean the size of the bulb — at least 3 inches across, with many of them spanning over 4 inches! (And no, this isn’t elephant garlic — which, oddly, is not a true garlic but a type of […]

June 24 2013      33 comments     Linda Ly
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