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Welcome to the weekend, friends! As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to El Salvador for the next seven days, working on my tan, riding warm-water waves, and drinking cheap beer like it’s going out of style.

March 29 2014      21 comments     Linda Ly
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I have a dirty, dirty little garden. I do. I don’t know what goes on at night, but this morning, I caught them all in the act… the carrots, that is. The Well-Endowed

April 12 2013      25 comments     Linda Ly
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If you follow my Facebook page, you may have noticed a few recent posts from my new project, This Is La Buena Vida, which launched this past weekend! The site aggregates all of the images from my new Instagram account @GardenBetty. As a photo-centric blog, This Is La Buena Vida is my personal pinboard for […]

August 27 2012      1 comment     Linda Ly
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And the carrot on the left? Well, I don’t really wanna know what’s going on there.

August 19 2012      4 comments     Linda Ly
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A delicate yellow petal floats in a pond. It came from this flower, found on a hike through the volcanic crater village of El Valle de Antón, Panama, one of the most fertile valleys in the world. Have a bright and beautiful Valentine’s Day!

February 14 2012      3 comments     Linda Ly

The idealists see it as a day of romance and rendezvous. The cynics see it as a conspiracy by the greeting card companies. Can’t we all just get along? It doesn’t have to be a day to celebrate love and lust with expensive dinners and obligatory flowers. But perhaps it can be a day to […]

February 14 2011      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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The Perfect Day can take on many incarnations, but one of my favorites involves good friends, great surf, stellar sunset, steamy hot tubbing, midnight conversations around a fire, zesty carne asada, and fresh-squeezed clementine margaritas. It’s an entirely way-too-easy way to take down four tequila shots in one deliciously juicy minty drink! Aahhhhh… Yes. This […]

January 30 2011      2 comments     Linda Ly
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