life at home

Do you find pleasure in nestling deep in your blanket on cold days, or warming up the house with a slow-cooking stew? Do you feel content with sharing a simple meal with family and friends, or gathering around a campfire under a moonlit sky? The Danes have a word for all these things: hygge. But […]

February 5 2017      3 comments     Linda Ly
En La Casa

(Gemma at one day old.) I feel like I just wrote this post, yet here I am with a post about my four-month-old. Four months old! Officially out of the “fourth trimester,” out of newborn stage, and onto greater things like grabbing, rolling, and bouncing. When other parents say it goes by in the blink […]

July 20 2016      8 comments     Linda Ly

For months I eagerly anticipated meeting the little one, and true to her nickname, Sprout — our darling Gemma Lumen — arrived on March 20, the first day of spring, after almost 16 hours of labor. It was long and grueling, but the gush of relief I felt with that final push sent a surge […]

April 5 2016      27 comments     Linda Ly

I’m often asked what working at home entails as a lifestyle blogger. I think the perception is that bloggers sit around all day sipping artisanal coffee, Instagramming said coffee, enjoying a day of leisure while fielding emails from brands that want to drop free products on them. I think people picture me rolling out of […]

March 16 2016      13 comments     Linda Ly
En La Casa   Trabajo

I can’t quite believe that we’re a week away, more or less, from meeting our little Sprout. Nine months certainly fly by before you know it… three seasons of gardening, three trimesters of baking, and soon a third human appearing in the house. I almost can’t wrap my mind around that, though I’m exceptionally eager […]

March 12 2016      3 comments     Linda Ly

I really can’t express it enough. Will and I are ridiculously lucky to have the people in our lives that we do. We’re not the first ones in our group to have a baby on the way, and we certainly won’t be the last, but the outpouring of support we’ve received from all our friends […]

February 19 2016      1 comment     Linda Ly
En La Casa   Familia   Vida

I’ve been invited to dozens of baby showers since my 20s, and almost all of them have been get-togethers for the girls to celebrate their friends’ forays into motherhood. I still think it’s a sweet tradition, but since it takes two people to make a baby, there isn’t any reason the fathers shouldn’t be celebrated […]

February 10 2016      3 comments     Linda Ly
En La Casa   Familia   Vida