Here we are, a whole season after the first onion seeds were sown, and those little specks have slowly grown into a bed of bulging, fragrant alliums. While onions can be harvested and eaten at any stage, the most satisfying part of growing onions is being able to pluck a fresh onion from the pantry […]

July 12 2012      22 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

Or more accurately, how to regrow green onions without dirt. A green onion is kinda like a lizard. You can pull off its tail, and a new one will grow right back. I harvested all my green onions last month — and exactly 40 days later, I still have fresh green onions growing daily. The […]

May 18 2012      13 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

Last week I had the honor of hosting Jere Gettle (as in the Jere Gettle from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, pictured at right) and Paul Wallace (the man in charge of Baker Creek’s west coast branch, the Petaluma Seed Bank) at my humble little abode. They were only in town for a day or two, […]

April 3 2012      16 comments     Linda Ly

Over the weekend, surrounded by fragrant allium blooms, I harvested the last of last season’s crop — a mix of red, white and yellow onions that I had grown from seed back in October. I loved the display of pompom-like flowers, even though onions are not supposed to bolt (and why not?). Even then, only […]

June 20 2011      4 comments     Linda Ly

May is an interesting time in my garden. While colder climes have beds bursting with lettuce and carrots and radishes, my fair weather vegetable garden sits nearly empty, waiting for seedlings to go in the ground or emerge out of the ground. Gardening in Los Angeles, it’s a blessing that our seasons are so long, […]

May 25 2011      6 comments     Linda Ly
Frutas   Hierbas   Jardín

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing my plants in bloom after a dormant winter. My onion chives, all gangly and greenish-yellow the last few months, are now starting to pop up again with the first buds of the season. These little flower heads will soon burst into colorful arrays of pompoms, which […]

April 20 2011      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín