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I’m often fascinated by the stretch of highway halfway between Los Angeles and Mammoth Lakes Basin. Going north, it starts as a nondescript drive through miles of arid desert before the majestic peaks of the Eastern Sierra Nevada come into view. And it’s here, on a random turn-off from the highway, where one of the […]

July 30 2014      6 comments     Linda Ly

The record-setting drought in California has been big news lately — at least on the west coast, where it was recently announced that Central Valley farmers will get no water this year from the federal government, and a Gold Rush ghost town hidden underwater since 1955 has resurfaced at the bottom of Folsom Lake. Most of […]

February 26 2014      12 comments     Linda Ly
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If I had to list only one occupation on my resume, I might be inclined to list “professional road tripper.” I am always down for a good road trip, whether it’s for the day or for the week. I love to explore the vastness of California’s highways and back roads, and even after 13-plus years […]

January 16 2014      15 comments     Linda Ly

When it comes to the Wonders of the World, there are quite a few lists compiled for everything from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. To limit these lists to just seven is really not fair, considering the vast wonders to be found on this earth… […]

November 27 2013      30 comments     Linda Ly

In Route 66 travel lore, the narrow, twisty, two-lane road to or from Oatman, Arizona, is the most intimidating passageway on all of the Mother Road. These 10 miles of steep switchbacks and hairpin turns between Ed’s Camp and Oatman pass through the Black Mountains, and were once the east-west thoroughfare in that part of […]

October 28 2013      21 comments     Linda Ly

Back in its heyday in the late 1800s, Hackberry was a thriving ranching and mining town in the northwest Arizona desert, producing over $3 million in gold and silver before the Hackberry Silver Mine shut down in 1919. It’s believed the town was named for the large hackberry tree that grew near the mine. When […]

October 11 2013      11 comments     Linda Ly

There’s always a lot going on in spring. Not only is it a busy time in the garden, but it’s also the start of whitewater season, a great window for local surf (before the northwest swells stop rolling through), and a beautiful time of year for road trips up north (for snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, […]

July 1 2013      24 comments     Linda Ly
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