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A couple years ago, I took a three-week holiday through Europe with my mom. We circled Western Europe and toured 9 countries in total (10 if you count the Vatican), zipping across channels and cities and countrysides, starting in London and ending in Amsterdam. (Has anyone ever flown out of Amsterdam’s airport? I don’t think […]

November 22 2013      26 comments     Linda Ly
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Ever since my carrot top salsa recipe, I’ve received a great number of emails asking if (or even insisting that) carrot tops are toxic. I’ll just get straight to the point: This popular myth has been perpetuated through continual hearsay and personal anecdotes, and I have yet to find any scientific study that says, once […]

July 11 2013      32 comments     Linda Ly
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Quite literally, đồ chua means “sour stuff” — or Vietnamese pickles, in this case. It was a staple in my parents’ house while growing up, and eventually became a staple in my own grown-up house. It’s a very Vietnamese thing and reminds me of all the wonderful home cooking from my childhood. I can eat […]

May 15 2013      27 comments     Linda Ly
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Every season, I let a few of my radish plants flower and seed. Some I leave to collect seed for next season, and some I leave to harvest the pods. Amid this tangled mess of vines is a handful of daikon radish plants — plants that had grown over 4 feet tall, full of little […]

April 22 2013      45 comments     Linda Ly
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I have a dirty, dirty little garden. I do. I don’t know what goes on at night, but this morning, I caught them all in the act… the carrots, that is. The Well-Endowed

April 12 2013      25 comments     Linda Ly
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If I had to choose one foolproof edible for a first-time gardener to grow, I’d choose the radish. Quick to germinate and quick to bulb, the radish (Raphanus sativus) is part of the brassica family of vegetables — up there with broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, and all the things that are good for you.

March 22 2013      15 comments     Linda Ly
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Sometimes, you just don’t have time to wait around for your pickles to pickle before you can eat them. For those times, there’s quick pickles. Well, quick enough, anyway… These are my favorite quick pickles to make — deliciously tangy in just a few hours and scrumptiously served with the barbecue platter of your choice. […]

March 12 2013      28 comments     Linda Ly
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