The beginning of spring usually sees me sprawled in the middle of the living room floor, with all my ammo boxes, laying out rows and rows of seed packets sorted by vegetable, and then by variety. Some are even color-coded… and I suddenly realize I have a rather strange obsession with collecting 12 different types […]

March 17 2015      18 comments     Linda Ly

It’s a sight that every seed starter dreads: a seemingly healthy seedling, perhaps even the first to sprout, suddenly slumped over the next week with a wizened stem. You may have even blamed lousy seed germination for a meager crop of seedlings when in fact, microscopic plant pathogens were at work below the surface. Collectively, these […]

March 10 2015      5 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Semillas   Verduras

I love to grow my own food. And what I love most about planting, harvesting, and cooking all that food is knowing every vegetable that lands on my plate has a story behind it. The lettuce that started from a speck of seed and turned into a season of salads. The squash that survived a […]

January 7 2015      41 comments     Linda Ly

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, the magic of germination still awes me as if it was the first time. I still don’t understand how bushels of juicy tomatoes will come from a single seed smaller than the diameter of a pencil eraser, or how specks of basil seeds will turn into a […]

March 19 2014      6 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Semillas

I have a confession: I’m a dollar store junkie. I especially love going to the dollar store to get my car camping fix. If you’ve ever wandered the aisles of your local 99¢ Only (or here in California, we have the absolutely fantastic Japanese 100-yen store called Daiso — which, silly as it sounds, is […]

February 19 2014      35 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Semillas

I started my first seeds of the season last week — tomatoes, my favorite summer crop. I like to give them a head start by sowing the seeds indoors so that come March (if I’m lucky), I can harden them off and transplant them outside. Right now I’m starting six varieties of tomatoes, a purple […]

February 3 2014      60 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Semillas

I’ll admit, reaching into the depths of a pumpkin to de-gut it is not my favorite thing to do. It’s slimy, it’s sticky, and it feels like one of those mystery boxes at haunted houses where you put your hands in and they tell you it’s a pile of brains. But deep in the innards […]

October 23 2013      34 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Semillas