Today we’re going to dive into the sex life of squash. But it’s not as skeevy as it sounds. Have you ever wondered why we usually only see the male blossoms of squash (the ones with the long stems) at farmers’ markets? Or why some flowers turn into cucumbers, while others fall off the vine? […]

July 16 2014      32 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

Remember the Three Sisters Garden? It’s been going strong since spring, and this week, the first of those plants are starting to peter out… The corn’s been picked, the beans are seeding, and the squash are firming up their winter coats for storage. With our warm weather this season, my winter squash have all matured […]

July 3 2014      6 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

In hindsight, I should’ve taken a picture of my Three Sisters garden when it was just getting started; I simply hadn’t considered how fast it would grow! This shot is only a week old, yet the squash vines have grown several more feet and the corn stalks now have silks and tassels. In just another […]

June 4 2014      34 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Verduras

With our normally balmy weather consistently in the 50s for the past week, I just want to turn up every heat source I have in the house — and that includes my stove. Of course, it would be silly to leave the stove on all afternoon without something actually simmering on it, and this drunken […]

December 10 2013      22 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

I’ve had this beautiful pumpkin (a Porcelain Doll, I believe) sitting in my sunroom ever since I picked it up at the local pumpkin patch in October. It lasted through Halloween and even Thanksgiving, but finally started showing some splotches on its beigey-pink skin this week… a sure sign that it might soon turn into […]

December 6 2013      15 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

I’m a gourd hoarder. At the end of the summer, my kitchen is always full of summer squash and winter squash in different stages of maturity. I’ll store a couple on the counter, an armful in the pantry, some more in our laundry room… wherever I have an extra shelf for the various pattypans, butternuts, […]

November 8 2013      36 comments     Linda Ly
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Here’s a little Monday morning smile for you. And another.

October 21 2013      20 comments     Linda Ly
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