With our normally balmy weather consistently in the 50s for the past week, I just want to turn up every heat source I have in the house — and that includes my stove. Of course, it would be silly to leave the stove on all afternoon without something actually simmering on it, and this drunken […]

December 10 2013      22 comments     Linda Ly
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I’ve had this beautiful pumpkin (a Porcelain Doll, I believe) sitting in my sunroom ever since I picked it up at the local pumpkin patch in October. It lasted through Halloween and even Thanksgiving, but finally started showing some splotches on its beigey-pink skin this week… a sure sign that it might soon turn into […]

December 6 2013      15 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

I’m a gourd hoarder. At the end of the summer, my kitchen is always full of summer squash and winter squash in different stages of maturity. I’ll store a couple on the counter, an armful in the pantry, some more in our laundry room… wherever I have an extra shelf for the various pattypans, butternuts, […]

November 8 2013      36 comments     Linda Ly
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Here’s a little Monday morning smile for you. And another.

October 21 2013      20 comments     Linda Ly
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My mother-in-law grew a massive zucchini this summer. Or rather, she couldn’t keep up with her zucchini (as is always the case with those prolific plants) and before she knew it, she found this behemoth hiding in the vines. This baby measured 20 inches in length and weighed in at almost 5 pounds! When zucchini […]

October 14 2013      21 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

Talk about commitment to your cucurbits — a squash that you start in spring and grow through summer and harvest in fall and eat through winter? Welcome to the world of winter squash. These summer annuals (Cucurbita moschata) differ from summer squash in that they are left to mature on the vine, through the end […]

October 20 2012      15 comments     Linda Ly
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Last week, I came home to an overflowing garden after spending five days in the mountains. I’m convinced that as soon as I leave town and stop “supervising” my veggies, they decide to have a growth spurt overnight. That ginormous squash? I swear that it wasn’t there the week that I left. But when I […]

August 2 2012      5 comments     Linda Ly
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