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Actually, make that two and a half years… Back in September 2010, I rooted a bunch of lemongrass stalks (purchased from the produce aisle) and planted them in the ground. They were given ample sun, weekly watering in the summer, no (or hardly any) watering in the winter, and quickly grew into something that kinda […]

May 1 2013      23 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

A delicate yellow petal floats in a pond. It came from this flower, found on a hike through the volcanic crater village of El Valle de Antón, Panama, one of the most fertile valleys in the world. Have a bright and beautiful Valentine’s Day!

February 14 2012      3 comments     Linda Ly

Commercially grown bananas are green, hulking, 8-inch-plus behemoths with nary a spot on their smooth, firm skin. Homegrown bananas — at least in my home — are half that size, and so cute and plushy that you want to poke a finger into their freckled skin like the Pillsbury Doughboy. While some sources say that bananas […]

January 8 2012      1 comment     Linda Ly
Frutas   Jardín

More than a year after I rooted the rhizomes, I finally have my first ginger harvest!

December 16 2011      19 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

I’m not much of a banana person (unless it’s cooked in rum and butter, though that combo will make anything taste divine), but I do love having banana trees around. Among the many trees growing in my garden, there’s an abundance of bananas flourishing right now, all in different stages of ripeness. A few of […]

December 14 2011      9 comments     Linda Ly
Frutas   Hierbas   Jardín

Last fall, I rooted a few rhizomes of store-bought ginger and galangal and planted the rhizomes in my garden. They were only watered once a month, didn’t do much over winter, and were nearly forgotten about. But as the weather warmed up, I started seeing green shoots emerge from the soil, eventually becoming two little […]

July 6 2011      3 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín

Two of my favorite herbs in Asian cooking are ginger and galangal. The rhizomes are cheap and easy to find in a market, but as with lemongrass, I loved how easy it seemed to propagate them for the garden. The process was simple. Buy fresh rhizomes. Stick in potting soil. Place in south-facing window. Keep […]

October 16 2010      6 comments     Linda Ly
Hierbas   Jardín