Those of you in Los Angeles may or may not know about Kogi, the Korean taco truck that spawned the hipster food truck movement in this town and became an icon of LA street food. I’ve always had an affinity for their Korean BBQ tacos, and wondered if the same idea could apply to Vietnamese […]

November 18 2013      46 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina

Every spring and fall, I grow a beautiful bed of komatsuna (Brassica rapa var. perviridis), a type of Japanese mustard green related to turnip and rapini. It’s the fastest growing green in my garden (ready to harvest as baby greens within three weeks, fully mature by five weeks), and its spicy, mustardy leaves can be […]

June 19 2013      32 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

Quite literally, đồ chua means “sour stuff” — or Vietnamese pickles, in this case. It was a staple in my parents’ house while growing up, and eventually became a staple in my own grown-up house. It’s a very Vietnamese thing and reminds me of all the wonderful home cooking from my childhood. I can eat […]

May 15 2013      33 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

In keeping with the ice-cream-for-breakfast theme, I introduce to you my daily habit: Vietnamese coffee (also known as cà phê sữa, or sweet liquid crack in my world). Vietnamese coffee is different from all other coffee in that it’s a single-cup slow drip of dark roast, sweetened with a swirl of condensed milk. Coffee was […]

August 22 2012      3 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina

Growing up in an Asian family, I’ve seen my fair share of Eastern home remedies. There was the hard-boiled egg that my mom would rub on my bruises to make them go away. There was cạo gió, a method of scraping the skin with menthol oil and a coin to relieve aches and pains. And […]

February 22 2012      37 comments     Linda Ly
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