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I want to quit my 9-to-5 job and do what you do. What advice can you give? Above anything else, this is the question I see most in my inbox. I don’t know what it is people think I “do,” but I do work… I just work random hours and random days, and can just […]

January 19 2014      72 comments     Linda Ly
Trabajo   Vida

I remember the day I decided to start a blog… and for days (weeks?) after, I was immersed in the Internet, researching the ins and outs of blogging. What theme should I use? What plugins do I need? How do I manage my social media? The possibilities were mind-boggling to a beginner. I was as […]

November 14 2013      34 comments     Linda Ly

If I had all the time in the world, I could easily fill up all 365 days of the year with a new post, every day, about gardening, cooking and traveling. I have too much to write about, and that’s a good sign I’m writing about the right things: my passions in life. I constantly […]

November 12 2013      38 comments     Linda Ly

It’s National Career Development Month. And more specifically, it’s National Career Development Week, so I thought this would be the perfect week to share a few things I’m often asked when it comes to blogging as a career (or as something more than just a hobby). First, a disclaimer: I don’t consider myself a career […]

November 11 2013      40 comments     Linda Ly
Jardín   Trabajo   Vida

As a blogger, I’m often asked what kind of camera I use to shoot my garden close-ups or my travel landscapes, and the truth is — up until this past March, I just used a plain old point-and-shoot. I’m married to the best photographer in the world, so I’ve learned — and firmly believe — that […]

September 4 2013      27 comments     Linda Ly