Anyone who’s even just peeked at my blog knows that I’m an adventure addict. If you stepped inside my garage, you’d seriously think you were inside an REI store… Shelves and hooks full of climbing, camping and backpacking gear; bin after bin filled with watersports equipment; snowboards, downhill skis and cross-country skis leaning against the […]

November 25 2013      7 comments     Linda Ly

I had always heard about a certain part of New Mexico called “Georgia O’Keeffe country,” but I never really knew what it meant or how the American modernist painter came to own the landscape. In the 1930s, Georgia O’Keeffe moved from New York City to Abiquiu, New Mexico, a Spanish Colonial-era village that at one […]

December 28 2011      6 comments     Linda Ly
Aventuras   Viajes

I wish I could say I had hiked more of the Great Sand Dunes, but the threat of a late afternoon summer monsoon — common in Southern Colorado that time of year — loomed above us and forced us to retreat. Still, the pictures of this otherworldly landscape were just too beautiful not to share.

December 7 2011      9 comments     Linda Ly
Aventuras   Viajes

No matter how carsick I get, long, winding, mountainous drives at high altitude are still my favorite types of road trips. I love the feeling of being the only one on the road, the fresh air and foliage, the random little towns you pass that seem to be stuck in time. I love having no […]

October 29 2011      3 comments     Linda Ly
Aventuras   Viajes

It’s amazing how the best moments in life can happen when you’re least expecting them. Will has a timeshare that we trade in every year, usually for a week at a ski resort. This year we went to Powder Mountain, Utah (ingrained in our hearts as the epic site of his peak proposal!), but we […]

October 14 2011      7 comments     Linda Ly

Snow, June, and California — these three words don’t exactly belong in the same sentence. But with “June-uary” in full swing this year, dropping record snowfall across much of California’s mountains, it was both a curse and a blessing. My river camping trip, an annual birthday tradition, was a bust because with record snowfall comes […]

July 18 2011      3 comments     Linda Ly
Aventuras   Viajes