My mother-in-law grew a massive zucchini this summer. Or rather, she couldn’t keep up with her zucchini (as is always the case with those prolific plants) and before she knew it, she found this behemoth hiding in the vines. This baby measured 20 inches in length and weighed in at almost 5 pounds! When zucchini […]

October 14 2013      27 comments     Linda Ly
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Last week, I came home to an overflowing garden after spending five days in the mountains. I’m convinced that as soon as I leave town and stop “supervising” my veggies, they decide to have a growth spurt overnight. That ginormous squash? I swear that it wasn’t there the week that I left. But when I […]

August 2 2012      5 comments     Linda Ly
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It’s November, and my Zucchino Rampicante is still going gangbusters. Not only does it look like it did in the middle of summer, but the vines show no signs of slowing down. I count at least six more zucchini coming along and with the size of these things, that’s a whole lotta zucchini grilling, baking, […]

November 2 2011      4 comments     Linda Ly
En La Cocina   Verduras

Out of all the crops I grew in my garden this summer, only one elicited more curious eyebrows and caused more whiplash than anything else — my Zucchino Rampicante (Cucurbita moschata), an Italian heirloom zucchini also known as Zucchetta Rampicante or Tromboncino squash.

October 1 2011      4 comments     Linda Ly
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One day’s harvest over the weekend… Bidwell casaba melon, Japanese Summer Top cucumber, Purple Plum and White Hailstone radishes, Striata d’Italia zucchini, Red Zebra tomatoes, Sweet Chocolate bell peppers (the first ripe ones this season!), Poona Kheera cucumber, Strie Patisson Melange squash, and a pair of crisp golden apples. Now I just need to go […]

August 22 2011      Leave a comment     Linda Ly
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It probably doesn’t look like your average camp food. But before I left on a camping trip this past weekend, I raided the garden for some fresh grub to go alongside our chicken and steaks. It’s impressive how many meals you can make out of one harvest!

August 9 2011      1 comment     Linda Ly
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When I first gave you a peek at my garden in May, things were looking a little sparse… I had just drawn up a plan for the next season, pulled out most of my winter and spring crops, and turned over the soil with freshly made compost. My onions and garlic were still a couple […]

July 22 2011      7 comments     Linda Ly
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