6 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Gardening Tools

This post is in partnership with 3-IN-ONE® and Lava Soap®. All thoughts and words are my own. When novice gardeners ask for advice on gardening tools, my response is always to buy the best you can afford. Shears and pruners can be found at your local discount stores, but these small hand tools are among the most abused in your garden. It’s worth the extra few bucks for tools that will last through many seasons and perform well under constant use. Subsequently, you’ll want to take good care of them to not only protect your investment, but also reduce the chances of spreading weed seeds or soil-borne pathogens around your yard. I know — easier said than done, right? But tool maintenance doesn’t have to be total drudgery. If you take a few minutes after every … Continue reading 6 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Gardening Tools