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A Giveaway From Bogs! Stylie and Sturdy Shoes for the Garden (and Beyond)

Once upon a time, I laughed at rubber boots (who really wears them in LA?) and shunned garden clogs (for being ugly and clumsy) and happily worked in the yard in flip flops and sneakers. Then I got tired of getting mud between my toes and dirtying yet another pair of nice shoes, and invested a whopping $3 on generic rubber clogs from Chinatown.

After chewing through a handful of cheap clogs in less than a year, I came to realize…

Quality matters. But looking good doesn’t hurt either. And Bogs and I are here to help you on both counts with this awesome giveaway that’s open to all our outdoor friends around the world!

Bogs is best known for its boots. The company makes durable all-weather boots light enough for a walk in the city on a rainy day, yet tough enough for the demands of working on a commercial farm. They sent me a few styles from their product line to try on, and I’m sold on the need for good garden shoes.

Despite the mild weather in LA, I’ve found myself wearing my Classic Mid Lanai boots more often than my Rose clogs. I’ve had them both since early spring, the busiest season in the garden for me, and they’ve held up well to pitch forks dropped on their toes and chicken poo splattered on their sides. Cleaning is as easy as hosing them off and laying them out to dry. (I must be the world’s messiest gardener, because I find myself hosing off my Bogs several times a week… and they still look good.)

With over 5,000 square feet of outdoor space, I can confidently say I’ve put my Bogs to the test and then some.

Wearing the Bogs Classic Mid Lanai boots

Wearing the Bogs Rose clogs

I don’t wear shoes in the house, so the Rose clogs are perfect for leaving outside by the door, and quickly slipping on to check the mail or take out the trash. And, they’re neither ugly nor clumsy, so I’ve even worn them out for running errands (which, back in the day with my Chinatown clogs, was never an option).

Bogs doesn’t just make boots and clogs though. They also make casual shoes for trekking around town. My fiancé Will has been wearing his Burnside loafers these last couple of months, and since he owns something like three pairs of shoes, that means he’s been wearing his Burnside a lot. Everywhere. From grocery runs to beach hikes.

According to Will:

There’s something very satisfying about stepping into my Burnside. The rigid uppers stay taut as you slip your foot in, not having to use your hands to assist you, and almost suck you in. And it’s a joy to wear them everywhere, from the garden where I really appreciate their waterproof materials, to heading out on the town, when the cushy and comfortable sole compliments the stylish look of the shoe.

Since he doesn’t think clogs are cool (for guys, at least), he even wears his Burnside loafers for yardwork!

Wearing the Bogs Burnside loafers

Wearing the Bogs Burnside loafers

All Bogs share some common traits: Neo-Tech insulation (down to -40°F temps… that’s right, minus 40 and your toes still stay toasty!), high-performance rubber, completely waterproof uppers, and slip-resistant outsoles. For you Crocodile Dundee types, Bogs’ hunting boots even offer Snakeguard, a type of advanced puncture protection. These durable features make them perfect for any kind of outside activity, whether you’re hiking in a meadow or sloshing through mud… or even wrestling a pit full of snakes.

Most importantly, Bogs are super comfortable. They don’t look like it at first, since they’re made almost entirely of rubber, but the insoles feel like marshmallows below your feet. They need to get into the snowboard boot business some day!

For now, the Bogs line includes their iconic rubber boots, as well as clogs, hiking shoes, loafers, lace-ups and slip-ons. And I want you to feel firsthand how good they really are!

For one lucky winner, Bogs will be giving away a $100 gift card valid for any purchase from their online shop. As a bonus, shipping is free to all delivery addresses in the US! (Non-US addresses will be charged additional shipping, duty and freight.)

How to enter: Simply leave a comment below and tell me which Bogs style you like, and how/where you would wear it! To receive an additional entry, follow @gardenbetty on Twitter, and leave a second comment below indicating your Twitter username. You have two chances to win!

The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on Friday, June 22, 2012. Winner will be drawn at random and announced the following week. Good luck!

Giveaway Rules

  1. Giveaway begins June 18, 2012 and ends June 22, 2012.
  2. No purchase is necessary. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post.
  3. All adults ages 18 and older are eligible to enter.
  4. Two entries allowed per person.
  5. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received.
  6. Winner will be drawn at random.
  7. If winner does not respond within 48 hours after time of contact, that entry will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn.

This post is brought to you by Bogs. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that support Garden Betty.

Update: A big thanks to everyone who entered!
This giveaway is now closed. The winner has been announced here.

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  • Ekdwilson

    I am exactly the same way!! I always have filthy feet at the end of the day. I need a pair of these shoes. Thanks for introducing me to the brand!

  • These bogs are really cool!  I love the purple boots it is rainy a lot here on kauai and i would love a pair of these to use on rainy days while working in my community garden. 

  • Jeannie of Hand+Crafted+Atelie

    I have my eyes on the Womens Classic Mid Le Jardin. Thanks for introducing this company. 🙂

  • EspeciallyK

    Just found you blog, and find it so inspirational. These boots look fun-ctional!

  • Erin

    Find me on twitter erinfaithaerial

  • Erin

    Sweet! I don’t think I have ever seen Bogs before. Those classic mid lanai boots are super cute. I would take them camping with me if rain was in the forecast. No soggy, muddy shoes.

  • Mary

    Love these, and love your blog! I would wear wear the Classic Mid Le Jardin in my garden in Sri Lanka – I’m living overseas right now because I work in the foreign service, but these would make me feel right at home!

  • Debbraconnier

    Have not tried these yet but have heard wonderful things and would love to try them. I am working on getting a new 3 acre farm set up to teach kids about gardening, so these would be perfect!  Thank you for having such a fun contest!

  • I love the classic tall may flowers boots!  A great combo of style and function that can be used for anything from playing in the garden, cleaning out the chicken coop, checking in on the bees or just heading out for a muddy stroll.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Arielvidovich

    I follow you on facebook.  Thanks!

  • Arielvidovich

    I like the mid lanai boots–those are so cute!  Thanks for the chance to enter.  I enjoy reading your blog!

  • Those Rose clogs have my name all over them. I tend to go barefoot or wear my Locals slippers out in the garden. Not the best idea some days. Oh, and my 2 year old would rock a pair of Kids High Tuscany! Thanks for the chance to win! Now, to cross those fingers!!

  • I love the Rose Clogs! I manage a nonprofit that runs both a professional counseling center AND a huge community garden/farm project, so all day long I am constantly back and forth between the two. Cute shoes that can hold up outside are a must for me! 

  • Roxana

    My 5 chickens pick the Bridgeport Bogs 🙂

  • Ftwkim

    Rose clogs,definitely.  I’d love to have them to wear in my garden!

  • jeannie

    I would love to win wear a pair of the boots. Being from NYC, I would love something less cumbersome than the Hunter wellies i usually wear in the rain. Love your blog! Inspiring!

  • D’s Farmlette

    Why not garden in pretty footwear!?!  I love the Rose Clogs!  Perfect for wearing while diggin’ between the rows and stopping to chat with passerbys.  Looking real cool!

  • Marie Keyes

    I follow you on twitter. I’m @missmariekeyes:twitter 🙂

  • Marie Keyes

    I would love to wear the Classic High Handles. Thank you for sharing Bogs with us! Been looking for great shoes for the garden.

  • Cassie Mahlstedt

    I would love to sport around the Classic Mid Lanai boots in my garden in historic Harpers Ferry, WV.  They would make a GRAND addition to my garden footwear on the back porch!  :o)

  • I’ve been wearing canvas slip-ons in my garden and the dirt always gets INSIDE the shoe so I’d really like to have some comfy rubber boots like Bogs. Too bad they don’t have a lime green pair but purple is great, too.

  • Amber Davis

    The mid ambrosia is stylish and perfect for the garden. Will definetly help keep those pesky mosquitoes from biting my ankles.

  • I follow you on twitter! @lovesowngarden:twitter 

  • I love the loafers!

  • I like the Rose Clogs. I too do not wear shoes in the house and can see how these would be perfect to slip on to take the dogs out, deadhead my roses, harvest my veggies, or run to the market.

  • Sherry D.

    I would love the rose clogs as I could and would wear them everywhere!

  • Leslie

    I would love the boot type with the handles and I would wear them daily as I tend to my chickens, goats and flower/veg. gardens here in Alabama.  They look very comfortable and sturdy!

  • Ooh, I like the Classic High Handles ones! It would be easy to put on with handles!

  • jenna

    and i follow you on twitter @gardenfile:twitter  🙂 

  • jenna

    oh, i would love the rue gum rubber.  so cute and perfect for the garden.

  • Micha

    I also follow you on twitter @michashaw:twitter 

  • Micha

    I would wear the charlot in my garden.

  • Leslie

    I am really in love with Bogs! My husband bought my kids the half boot…I wondered if they would wear them (I had wanted the BOOTS.). They wore them a lot! 

    I finally had the chance to get out to get the full boots, and they love them too! 

    they stay warm and dry which makes happy kids!!!

    Now I want a pair that I can where (something that goes well with an old Dutch bike!)

  • Kim M

    I am in the garden every day with my kids to harvest our latest crop, so I would love these!

  • Kim M

    I would love to try these shoes for gardening!  

  • Sara P.

    I love the rose clogs. Perfect for the garden!!

  • Gina Maddox

    I would love to get this pair for working in my backyard–

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Rebecca Ann

    I love the May Flowers tall bog garden boot. I live in garden boots…as soon as I walk out my back door I check for bugs and slip them on and its off to the garden to play, they can get dirty, muddy, wet and my feet are comfortable and I can tread anywhere and not worry about spiders etc…and I live in Southern Cali…winter, spring, summer fall garden boots work for all 🙂

  • oukay

    I would wear the boot style.  I must be the world’s messiest gardener and find that something I can hose off is very important.

  • I already follow you on Twitter. @homewithcarol:twitter 

  • I would wear the Rue Ambrosia in green everywhere on my homestead. And probably walking with hubby so I can splash in the puddles. 🙂

  • Clmartin35mm

    These are the cutest! I esp. love the “Rose” bog/clog. I would wear it everywhere!

  • Also, I’m following you on twitter. I’m @EndangeredSlug. 

  • I live in the PNW where it’s grey and rainy most of the time. The Rue Ambrosia would be nice to brighten things up. As I try to bail out my drowning garden.

  • Grandmasmiles

    I live on the rainy side of the Big Island if Hawaii and would wear the Bogs boots for gardening and also think they would be great when I’m in my bee suit checking my bee hives.

  • Emi Love

    I love the classic high w/ handles in turquoise.  We just moved to a small farm and are getting the garden into full gear.  I love that these boots look both versatile in the garden and out in the pasture with the animals. They’d definitely get use here.

  • Trina-Lea Briggs

    I love Bogs! And living in the Pacific Northwest they would get plenty of use!
    All of the styles are incredibly cute and functional but I think my favorites right now are the Rue Ambrosia.

  • Sarah

    And my twitter handle is  @cdnrockiesgirl:twitter !

  • Sarah

    I’d love to try the Classic Mid Lanai boots in my garden.  They’d also be great crag boots for approaches involving creek crossings 🙂

  • Meghan Finley

    I like the Charlot’s. But yours are super cute as well! 🙂

  • Missybeth

     I like any of the ones on sale! HAHA

  • Heidisayre

    Classic mid lanai (52483)

    I love these!
    I got into gardening a few years ago, and quickly learned I had my mothers green thumb. We bought a new house two years ago and we are turning it into our garden paradise. We have neighbors complementing the new additions of flowers, vegetable garden and flowering plants all the time! Of course I would put the new Bogs to great use in my garden, but they are so cute, I’d wear them all around town…!

  • Julie G

    Classic ultra high women’s – so practical yet so good-looking! Perfect!

    • Julie G

      And, of course, I would wear them in the garden. I destroyed my cheap plastic gardening boots within a few months last year. Need sturdy!

  • JCM

    I would definitely go with the Classic High Women’s Bogs so I could work outside in sub-freezing temps during the winter. My kids wear their Bog boots for 6 months out of the year. Maybe it’s time for me to get a pair 🙂

  • Kelly

    Love these! I would probably go with the clogs~they look so pretty that I could use them to run errands in too.

  • Mrskellyg

    The classic tall may flower bogs are beautiful!!! I would wear them around the house and garden 🙂

  • Annie

    Classic mid Lanai boots – hands down! Purple matches many of my foral picks for this year – thanks for the heads up!

  • jess

    love the midstyle – then I don’t have to pull them up over my massive calves!

  • Julie

    I would love a classic mid style.  Not sure which design as I like them all.  I would wear them to the chicken coop, in the garden and tramping through the woods.  I’d probably wear them on errands in the fall and winter too.  

  • Jenifer

    Thanks for the giveaway hope to hear from you!

  • Jenifer

    They are so cute and after a day in the garden I can just hose them off.

  • Jodi

    I would choose the classis high lanai for use in the garden and during winter.

  • Caracharlie

    I’d love a pair of the clogs to work in the garden in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Adley Bertsch

    If I had a pare of Classic Mid Ambrosia boots I would wear them in all the time in my garden in Teton Valley, Idaho!

  • Oh, and I follow on twitter!   @welloneofmy____:twitter

  • Awesome!  At the barn where I ride, I lot of people use bog boots during winter and spring when there is a serious amount of muck and ankle-deep mud, so I would totally wear them there, and maybe even replace my standard garden rainboots!

  • nigel buckie

    ahhh we have been looking for such a boot or shoes! everything in the uk is either a welly boot or a clumsy shoe/clog….ideal to wear in the jungle garden or to wear up to town! 😉

  • Those charlot gum rubbers are amazing! I had no idea they existed before and now I need them.

  • Kristen

    I would love to try the clogs in my garden!  I am moving to Portland this fall and starting from scratch, so there will be lots of wet, dirty work to be done.  

  • What a wonderful giveaway!  I personally love the Dark Teal Rose bog.  Being that I’m always running in and out of the house, it’s great being able to just slip in and out of footwear fast and easy.  These would be used to the max whether it be in our gardens, by the pool, walking the poochz to our bayside beach or over by the tidal marshes.  If I’m not barefoot in the house, I’m outside wearing these doing something!  And being that I live for the outdoors, that would mean that they’d probably be on my footsies nearly 24/7 😀 If they are as durable and sturdy as you claim, I’d most certainly put them to the test ::chuckles::  And after several serious flip flop blowouts – I think it’s time for some decent footwear.

  • Like they say, Bogs are made for every degree of life, and that is so very fitting for gardening up here in Juneau, Alaska.  Here we have various degrees of weather…from sunny summer days to grudgingly cold winter ones. As Alaskans we pride ourselves with being true weather troopers, never letting averse weather get in the way of what we love to do.  That is why The Classic Tall May Flower Bogs are a life-saver and continue to make gardening and impromptu errands desirable events in daily life. 

  • Leela Robinson

    I’d wear them working in our garden and nursery.
    like the classic tall may flowers. Might wear them to Bonnaroo if it rains next year. Namaste!

  • Sharon

    I actually like the Burnside loafers.  if they only come in men’s sizes, I would be a 7

  • Kate

    Also, I follow you on Twitter. I’m @WormFactory.

  • Kate

    I love the Classic Mid Lanai! Up here in NW Washington it’s wet and sloppy much of the year, so the added height would be a huge bonus! I’d use these in my garden, on walks on the frigid beach, and when going to the store at midnight in my sweatpants to purchase ice cream. 

  • Barb

    I follow you on twitter. @AvFanBarb:twitter 

  • Barb

    I love the purple Classic Mid Lanai that you are wearing. My second choice would be the black Classic Mid Handles.

  • Miranda

    I like the idea of slipping on the clogs on the way to the garden, since I also do not wear those shoes in the house. Like you, I have ruined many pairs of flip flops and would love a proper gardening shoe.

  • Callie

    My twitter name is thisiscallie.

  • Callie

    I love the classic talls – it’s hard to choose a design!  I’d use mine in the garden and maybe my wrecked soles would heal up.  But I’ve also found rain boots to be a great choice in the snow.  There’s lots of room for heavy socks and nothing gets into tall boots.  They’re not as clunky and snow boots, and they look great.

  • Deb Rofner

    Love LOVE the classic mid May flowers – I see them in the garden, but also at the cottage, crawfish hunting with my little guy

  • Denise

    I would love a pair of these!

  • Natalie Vincent

    I love the Mia Lanai boots!! With my ankle I need good shoes, and Bogs are one of the few brands that actually make the cut. Where wouldn’t I wear them?!

  • I’m a follower on twitter (shespeaksbark) is my username

  • I love the classic mid boot in the mayflower pattern, adorable!

  • Woodwindwizard

    I really like the Rue gardening shoe.  And of course, I would wear them while working in my garden, instead of the nasty tennis shoes I now wear.

  • shanb.

    I love the classic mid boots!  I’ve been wanting a pair after borrowing my mom’s when i visit her farm.  My feet are always warm even in the middle of a cold winters night. I live in Seattle and don’t even own a pair of boots.  But I definately need them as my running shoes get drenched with water.

  • Jean

    I really love the boots.  I would love to have them.

  • these are awesome, have been looking for something to wear in the garden/feeding the chickens/cleaning the coop here in kentucky.  thanks for the giveaway!

  • Rebecca

    The blue classic mids would be perfect for wearing around the garden.

  • Martha at The Soil Toil

    I also follow you on twitter, I am @TheSoilToil and love your tweets!

  • Martha at The Soil Toil

    I would love a pair of Bogs! Tough to choose, I would be happy with any of their styles. I garden and don’t wear shoes in the house just as you. I can see myself slipping the clogs on year round here in DC both for errands and gardening.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

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