Are Carrot Tops Poisonous? Here’s What Science Says

Ever since my carrot top salsa recipe was posted, suggesting that you can eat carrot tops, I’ve received tons of emails asking if (or even insisting that) carrot tops are poisonous. So I’ll just get right to the point: No, they are not poisonous, and yes, carrot tops are edible. Unfortunately, the popular myth of carrot tops being toxic has been perpetuated through continual hearsay and personal anecdotes. I have yet to find any scientific study that says, once and for all, carrot tops will kill us. (After all, I’m still here despite making bottomless jars of carrot top salsa and using carrot tops in my salads and soups… as are my loved ones.) Related: Propaganda Told Us Carrots Can Improve Eyesight—Here’s the Truth Much of this ballyhoo originated from a 2009 New York Times … Continue reading Are Carrot Tops Poisonous? Here’s What Science Says