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Calling All Readers! Where Are You Based?

Calling all readers! Where are you based?

The book. It’s been on my brain (and in my belly) a lot… for the last 12 months. It’s like an extra long gestation period and come next February, I’ll finally be able to meet my book baby!

It still seems a long way off to everybody but me. And while it might appear that my journey will be “complete” by the time the book is released, the next part of the journey is really just beginning. This is the time when I start thinking about publicity, book parties (!) and book signings, and I am so, so excited to tour the country, spread the message of good food to good people, and put some faces to the names I’ve always seen online.

Friends, this is where I need your help!

Do you want me to make a stop in your town? Tell me where that is!

Know of a festival, fair, or dinner party that happens in your community? Put it on my radar!

Are you part of a CSA farm, garden club, cooking club, or retail shop (dealing in books, home and garden, or whole foods) and you think it would be a fitting place for an event? Let’s make it happen!

(You’ll notice I included Southern Canada on the map… because, well, why not? We can take this international!)

There is nothing I love more (aside from cooking and gardening, of course) than exploring new places and meeting new people, and I can’t wait to hear your ideas on where I should go and what I should do. I am currently planning a few events for next spring and hope to include a variety of book signings, talks, classes, and demos, and maybe share a few farm-to-table meals with you all!

Thank you for the daily love and support and for spreading the word about my book. I continue to be stunned and thrilled and humbled with every person telling me he or she just preordered a copy.

Your constant encouragement (since Day One!) and loyal readership are what keep me going, and I can’t wait to set off on this next adventure together. Crossing my fingers that I get to meet many of you for the first time as I make my way around the country next year!

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