Assorted harvest for camping meals
Garden of Eatin'

Camping Never Tasted So Good

It probably doesn’t look like your average camp food.

But before I left on a camping trip this past weekend, I raided the garden for some fresh grub to go alongside our chicken and steaks. It’s impressive how many meals you can make out of one harvest!

A huge garden salad with Perpetual Spinach chard, Red Leaf amaranth, mizuna, Red Creole onions, Red Beard bunching onions,  cherry tomatoes, Dragon Tongue bush beans, White Hailstone radishes, Purple Plum radishes, all the radish greens, and Poona Kheera cucumbers.

Grilled Striata D’Italia zucchini strips marinated in a soy-ginger-sesame dressing (which we also used for the salad).

Ratatouille with Patisson Strie Melange squash, Dragon Tongue bush beans, Gold Princess onions, He Shi Ko bunching onions, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers (all slow-cooked with olive oil, Two Buck Chuck merlot, and A1 steak sauce until the tomatoes burst and coated the stew with their juices… mmmm).

Ali Baba watermelon, whose rind will also be used for watermelon pickles at home (and probably brought on the next camping trip).

Grapefruit-rosemary bread for breakfast, baked the night before with fresh-picked Oro Blanco grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Chicken breasts grilled on top of thick slices of grapefruits for a subtle citrus infusion.

Lunch wraps filled with assorted greens, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Egg scrambles filled with onions and tomatoes.

And the best part of it all — we got to share our garden with friends, came home with almost none of it left, and no packaging to pack out.

Now if only I could grow my own s’mores too!

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