Chantenay Red Core carrot
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Colossal Carrot

I pulled this out of the garden the other day. It is, quite possibly, the most colossal carrot I have ever seen, much less grown!

I didn’t think it was any different from the other carrots I’d harvested that day. Its leaves were average size, it was nestled in between other average-sized carrots, but it did take a few tries to yank it from the ground.

It was a pure comedic moment: I called my guy over to help, he pulled with all his might, and it suddenly sprang from the soil and sent him reeling back. But miraculously, we harvested the whole thing in one piece!

Chantenay Red Core carrot

I think this is a Chantenay Red Core carrot, as that variety tends to grow large and squat, though the color is lighter than a standard Chantenay Red Core. It has so much girth that I can’t even wrap my whole hand around it!

Chantenay Red Core carrot

I’ve already eaten the leaves in a salad, but I’m saving the carrot for something special. I’m dreaming up a carrot and cardamom recipe before I take a cleaver to it this week, so stay tuned!

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