Rainy day in the garden
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Days Like This

I love days like this. Rainy. Blustery. Gray. Cold.

In the spring, I’m often running around the garden pulling, planting, raking, staking, seeding, scooping, shoveling, and all sorts of stuff that makes gardening nearly a full-time job for a couple of months. And this is even with an ever-growing “honeydew” list that I hand over to my guy (you know… like “honey do” this and “honey do” that).

But on days like this, all of those chores are put on hold and I let Mother Nature take over outside.

I let the soil soak in the storm and the earthworms enjoy their job. I watch the wind rattle leaves from the trees and the rain drops wash the dust off the leaves. I listen to the steady tapping of rain on the roof and the sporadic clapping of thunder in the distance.

Succulent on a rainy day

Oregano on a rainy day

Rain drops on tree branch

Days like this are perfect for doing a whole lot of nothing. Like cuddling up next to a fire with a book. Vegging on the couch and catching up on your DVR. Discovering new music and reorganizing your playlists. Starting that fancy new recipe that needs to simmer on the stove all day. Stalking your friends on Facebook and “liking” streams of photos.

Days like this, I’m content to simply sit back and do a whole lot of nothing with none of the guilt. I think I’ll finally add map tacks to my Raven world map. Or go through my backlog of Backpacker magazines. Or frame new pictures to put up around the house. (So it’s not exactly sitting back, but still.)

Days like this are when you reconnect with yourself and get the important things done. What do you like to do on a rainy day?

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