Favorite Things: a new resource for readers
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Favorite Things: A New Resource For Readers

Among the most frequent questions that land in my inbox are the type of gear I recommend for gardening… or cooking… or camping. And when I look around my house, those questions are sometimes tough to answer because I’ve used those things for so long, I’ve often forgotten what they’re called and I rarely remember where I bought them.

That’s where my Favorite Things come into play. No more digging up an old receipt or searching for a style number on a tag!

I finally took inventory of my most-requested items and compiled them into my Favorite Things — a resource page that lists the exact items I own and use, why I love them, and why I think you will too.

You can purchase my Favorite Things on that same page, directly from Amazon. Every order placed through my blog earns a small commission that helps keep it up and running, and your support goes a long way.

From time to time, I’ll update my list with new items that pass my personal test of functionality, reliability, and longevity. Hopefully, you’ll discover a few new things that might become your favorite things too!

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