First ripe mandarin from our tree
Random Thoughts

Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. We’ve been waiting four years for our mandarin tree to bear fruit, and finally this week… the first ripe mandarin! (With many more to come.)

Fig goes out, orange goes in

2. The change of season in our fruit trees. As our fig begins to drop its leaves and go into hibernation, our orange begins to grow fuller and brighter with mounds of winter sweetness.

Serrano pepper in winter

3. It’s officially winter, and our serrano pepper plant is finally setting fruit.

Christmas morning

4. Visiting family in Marin and waking up to this on Christmas morning.

Mount Tamalpais on the day after Christmas

5. Day after Christmas, and our view of Mount Tamalpais from the backyard. One of the warmest Christmases we’ve ever had up here!

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