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Five Things Friday

I just spent seven days in the Tushar Mountains of Utah, chasing the storm from Los Angeles to Beaver (77°F to 7°F in less than 24 hours!) and riding in the softest, lightest, fluffiest powder I’ve seen in three winters out west. With no wifi and very spotty reception in our cabin, this post is now a week overdue and that unexpected week of disconnection turned out to be a blessing… the first little thing, you could say. So, here are the five other things that made my week (two weeks, that is)…

Daily commute at the ski resort

1. Our daily commute through the windless winter wonderland from our cabin to the summit. No such thing as rush hour.

Untracked powder field

2. Finding this steep and deep, pillowy, untracked powder field at 2 pm on a Saturday, with absolutely no hike in and only a 15-minute hike out on a flat, groomed trail… unheard of in the world of ski resorts. This place is our little secret!

Garden Betty on the mountain

3. Garden Betty, represent.

Joshua trees in the California desert

4. Taking a scenic detour home and going from 25°F in the Utah mountains to 75°F in the California desert in one afternoon.

Tomato seedlings soaking up the sun

5. Coming home to my tomato seedlings, which had merely been sprouts just seven days earlier.

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